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Sylvia Cossich Goodman

San Rafael, CA 94903, U.S.A.
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Phone: 415-272-4119

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 Sylvia Cossich Goodman was born in Newburgh, New York, the daughter of Italian immigrants. After 10 years in the US, her parents returned with their family to their native country, settling in Muggia, a small village in the Northeast corner of Italy, bordering what is now Slovenia.

Growing up in Muggia, Sylvia encountered an environment quite different from the one she had known in New York. Here, her home was a small farm where she helped tend crops and feed small animals.

She was influenced by her father, who was a skilled tile setter. Watching him at his craft was her first exposure to the world of ceramics, porcelain, cement and plaster.

In her twenties, Sylvia returned to the States, enrolling at the Otis Parsons School of Art in Los Angeles, where she earned certificates in Illustration and Textile design. After working for six years in the fashion industry, she opened her own studio, producing a line of hand painted ceramics and exhibiting her work in group shows in the Los Angeles area.

Life took a different turn after she married and started a family. Even though most of her energy was spent raising her two daughters she always found time for sculpting and painting.

Today she lives in Marin County, California with her family and works out of her studio.