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Johann Feilacher

Burggasse 1
none, 3500, Venezuela
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Phone: +43 664 161 0840

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Born in southern Austria Johann Feilacher lives and works mostly near Vienna. Wood is the predominant material used in his work, both for indoor and outdoor sculptures. His favorite tool is the chain saw, with which all forms and structures are created. In the USA he has worked in Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, and is represented in Kouros Galleries Sculpture Center in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and in 1997 he completed one of the world´s largest wooden sculpture produced from a single piece of wood for Laumeier Sculpture Park in Saint Louis, Missouri. His work is represented in the USA by Kouros Gallery in New York and in Europe by Galerie Judith Walker in Schloss Ebenau, Weitzelsdorf, Austria. A marked clarity and potency of form is juxtaposed with the fragility of the splitting, breaking and partially rotting material. Memories of archaic worlds are awakened without allowing us to forget our severed relationship to nature. For Feilacher, it is important that the surroundings become part of his art; he sees sculpture as an open-air art form. Feilacher introduces monumental sculptures into the landscape, thus returning the wood to its original environment unto itself. (Michaela Strebl).

Studio in Seitzersdorf-Wolfpassing 5, Hausleiten, Austria