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Yoshitada Ihara

363 Honmachi, Kakogawa-Cho
Kakogawa-Shi, Hyogo, 0 6750037, Japan
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Phone: 81-79-422-0494     Fax: 81-79-422-0594

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Artist's Statement

The basic theme in the creation of Yoshitada Ihara's artwork is the development of harmonious relationship between nature and man-made materials.

Member: Professional Level Member of International Sculpture Center

Representative Director: Yoshitada Ihara’s Office Co. Ltd.              

Headmaster:Ikebana of Kado-Tenpo-ryu (the former Iemoto) 


1967-74 Accepted for Nika Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) in each consecutive year. Nominated for Kansai Nika Exhibition (Kyoto Municipal Art Museum) in each consecutive year.

1971 Hyogo Modern Art Museum, Hyogo Prefecture’s 1st Art Festival.

1972 Recipient of Hyogo Prefecture Modern Art Museum’s Award.

Recipient of a special award from the Tokyo Art Museum.

Won the highest honore at the Nika Exhibition,Tokyo Art Museum

1973 Special exhibition by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tokyo Art Museum

1986 Erected a sculpture in the Sanzaemonbori Riverside Park, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.

1989 Erected three sculptures on the main street in front of Kagawashi Station, Hyogo Prefecture.

1990 Qualified for Percent Art Competition, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1991 Erected a sculpture along the Nishi Akashi park path, Hyogo Prefecture.Erected ten sculptures Sho-en Sculpture Center, San Diego, California.

1992 Artwork was nominated for exhibition and won honors at the Urban Art Contest, Maubeuge, France.

1993 Sculpture purchased and on display in the Ashkenazy Gallery, Bel Age Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A.

1994 Artwork was nominated for exhibition and was chosen as a semi-finalist in the American Fertility Society, Alabama, U.S.A.

1995 World National Sculpture Symposium, Lithuania.One sculpture on permanent display in the European Central Art Museum, Lithuania.

1996 Erected a sculpture in Nakao Water Park, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture.

1997 Erected a sculpture in front of Furukawa Central Optometry,Furukawa City Miyagi Prefecture.

1998 Erected a sculpture in Midorigaoka Heights in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Erected 3 sculptures (Permanent Collections) in Skokie North shore Sculpture Park ,Chicago.

1999 Erected a Sculpture in Daiwa-Kaikan in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture.

2000 Exhibit a sculpture at The International Gardening Landscaping Exhibition in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture.A sculpture at the Anada Park, Kakogawa city, Hyogo Prefecture .

Traveling Exhibition I (an ecological sculpture "Tree of Origin" )in Kakogawa City Hall, Hyogo Prefecture.

2001 Exhibition at Takashimaya Kyoto department store in Kyoto .Traveling Exhibition "Tree of Origin" at the entrance of Osaka Museum of History, and Japan Broadcasting Cooperation, Osaka station (NHK) in Osaka.

2005 Erected 12 Sculptures of Soul Object in Okura Akashi Coast in Hyogo Prefecture .

2006 Erected a Sculpture in Kakogawa Kanno Park in Hyogo Prefecture .

2007 Erected a Sculpture in Himeji Abo Park in Hyogo Prefecture .

2008 Participation in interior design of Building in Shanghai world financial center ,China .exhibited for G8 environment meeting in Kobe Hyogo

2009 Installed the healing space by a moss tapestry in KOBE HARBORLAND CANALGARDEN.Installed moss healing space in the Erected the moss & stone object in Y's residence in Kakogawa.

2011 Installed the moss tapestry on the WACORE facade wall in Akashi Hyogo.

2012~2014 Yoshitada Ihara's a long run private exhibition. 

(A work is in progress in country side forest.)