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Federica Marangoni

Dorsoduro 2615
Venice, 0 30123, Italy
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Phone: Studio : 00390415235     Fax: 00390415287617

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Federica Marangoni, Venetian artist, worked internationally, since the 70’s, inEurope, New York and Canada. Throughout her career she researched on various materials and technological media, Since the late sixties she was using plastics, polyester than neon and in the seventies she started employing Video and the moving image became part of her installations  and videoperformance , in 1979 Marangoni did a 16mm film “ The Box of Life” from one of her most important performances, in 1980 she has been invited to do a screening presentation of the film, at the Museum of Modern Art of New York together with her new performance “The Interrogation”.

In 1970 she sets up in Venice her own design studio: Fedra Studio Design, focusing on product desing and graphic design. In the same year she begins to use and experiment with glass, working with continuos frequency in many Muranese furnaces. She creates both design objects for the production, as well as glass sculptures and large installations in which the technological media as video and neon light, combined with glass, made her work unique in the panorama of contemporary art.

From 1976 to 1989 she is assistant professor of the Dept. of Art and Art Education at New York University. She holds seminars at NYU an summer courses in Venice with a workshop on glass. She also holds lectures and courses in many universities in the United States and cultural centers: Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (1977); Center for Creative Studies, Glass Dept. , University of Art and Design, Detroit, Michigan (1979); Patterson State College, N.J. (1978); Columbia University, New York, NY (1978); Parson School of Design, Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic (workshop, November 1984); Pratt Institute, New York, NY (1995); Virginia Beach Art Center (1996). These last lectures focus on a theme Marangoni has long been inquiring: "Art, Art&Craft, Design: confrontation, analysis and interactivity". Many of her lectures focus on a theme Marangoni has long been exploring: "Art, Art&Craft, Design: confrontation, analysis and interactivity."




Public sculptures:


- SEVILLE, SPAIN, THE TRAP OF MEMORY, 1991. Fountain-sculpture diameter 12 m., industrial laminated glass, mosaic and green Murano glass rods, installed on the Paseo Torneo of the town of Seville.

- BARCELONA, SPAIN, THE BIRTH OF LIGHT, 1992. Public work commissioned by FECSA Group, large coil in rusted iron, blue neon and row glass on the base.

- VENICE, ITALY, THE ELECTRONIC RAINBOW, 1997. Location Arsenale .

Multimedia video-installation, promoted by the City of Venice and Fondazione Mazzotta for the 47th Venice Bienniale. Laminated multicolored glass sheets , shards of glass, iron structure, 16 monitors, VHS tape 3D controlled by a computer.

- FONDAZIONE ROSSINI -BRIOSCO, ITALY,  THE JACOB'S DREAM, 2001,  Caged Ladder, Blu LED  tubes, Hight 9 meters

- PORTOFINO, ITALY , Sculpture Park Museum, “LA SCALA INFINITA”, 2001 white neon, iron, cadged ladder, 3 meters

- CHIANTI SCULPTURE PARK, ITALY, RAINBOW CRASH, 2003. Site specific-sculpture. Iron column with polychrome flow neon on both sides, iron structure arch holding
a multicolored  rainbow in flat laminated glass, Murano glass shreds.


Suspended sculpture for the square of the Canarian Guvernement: metal cage cube 2mx2m with blu moving light device, lavic stone on the floor with words ingraved : "The Light is Always Free".


- BORGHOLM, SWEDEN, Global Art Glass,  NO MORE, 2005. , layered glass wall 270cm x 300, red neon inscription cm 250x300, central breach with raw red glass breaking through.

MADRID, SPAIN, “CONTINUITY”, 2006. Multimedia site specific sculpture 9m high RAINBOW , in laminated glass and flow neon tubes, built site specific for the Patio of the Italian Institute of Culture, calle Major, Madrid Spain.

- LA CERRETA Sculpture Park in progress, UMBRIA \ ITALY , "CONJUNCTION", Installation of the light public sculpture site specific, may 2011, red LED tubes, row glass , Iron structure , 6m H

- TOWN OF ESTE, PADOVA , ITALY , , public sculpture, site specific, located in the Park of the Medioeval Castle, "LA VOLIERA\ THE AVIARY", July 2011 , H m3 x 2.50x200 Base Iron structure , metal cage and polycrom ceramic.

- CAVALLINO JESOLO, VENEZIA, Art Hotel Private collection, outdoor artwork :"THE CADGED BUTTERFLIES", July 2011, h 300 cm , Glass butterflies with LED suspended in a cage.



Selection of Exhibitions


1980-New York, MoMA Museum of Modern Art, performance installation The Interrogation and projection of the 16mm film The Box of Life, curator Cee Brown. The film was acquired by the Archive of media arts of MoMA.

Montreal, Canada, Musée d’Art Contemporaine Véhicule de Montreal, solo exhibition with installation, performance and 16mm film.

New York, Franklin Furnace, exhibition of the group Audiotransart Inc.

Ferrara, Italy, Palazzo dei Diamanti, Centro Attività Visive, solo exhibition Decompositions, works from 1975 to 1980. On this occasion were presented works in wax on metal sheets, the remains of Marangoni’s performances, curator Franco Farina.

Milan, Palazzo Reale, La camera incantata, curator Vittorio Fagone.

1980, Venice, Biennale, The Time of Museum Venice, multimedia environment Life is Time and Memory of Time. Exhibition Catalogue.

Musèe des Arts Dècoratifs (Lousanne 1988/92), Museum Bellerive (Zurich 1988), Palazzo Dugnani (Milan Town Hall -1984), Hara Museum (Tokyo 1990), Kunstmuseum (Dusseldorf 1990), Hivernacle (Ajuntamient de Barcelona (1989), Holly Salomon Gallery (New York 1995), Center for the Arts (Virginia U.S.A. 1996), Venice Biennale 1997: glass-video sculpture "The Electronic Rainbow", Palazzo Ducale 'Aperto Vetro (Venezia 1998), Skulpturen-Glaskasten Museum Marl ( DE - 2000). 

Venice-Lido, International exhibition of sculpture in the open air: “Open”, work exhibited Freheit , neon and glass Coil.  Curator Pierre Restany. Exhibition Catalogue.



Venice, for the 45th Biennale d’Arte, Marangoni exhibited the public sculpture Jacob’s Dream, a ladder in blue LED light in front of the church of Santa Maria della Salute on the Grand Canal. This installation was then acquired by the Fondazione Rossini, Briosco, Milano.

Venice, Sala Badoer, San Giovanni Evangelista, solo exhibition The Caged Paradise/Il paradiso ingabbiato, installations encaged in a metal framework, in Murano glass, neon and video.

Rome, Palazzo della Civiltà, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Termini Station, Tower of peace. The strategy of art against the strategy of violence, curator Marco Maria Gazzano, work projected Bleeding Heart/Art Dripping Rainbow, animation by B-movie.



Milan, Galleria Artesanterasmo-Fidia, anthological solo exhibition Light: Ephemeral Material of a Quest.

Portofino, Italy, Museo del Parco, permanent installation of the work The endless ladder. Collection Catalogue, curator Daniele Crippa.

Venice, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, special event presentation of the anthology volume Electronic: mother of a humanistic dream and of the video-sculpture Dripping Rainbow-Bleeding Heart/ART.

Borgholms Slott, Öland, Sweden, Global Art Glass Triennial, curators Barbo&Börge Kamras. Exhibition Catalogue.

Genova, Spazio della Volta, Between fire and Ice of communication.

Ferrara, Zuni Arte Contemporanea, Decima Biennale Donna, curator Lola Bonora

Milan, Fondazione Mazzotta, The Heart; Exhibition Catalogue.



Jesi, Italy, Convention’s Palace De Te Fabula: self portrait in the contemporary Italian Art. Catalogue Artemisia Editions.

Chianti Sculpture Park, Siena, installation and acquisition of a permanent site specific artwork in iron, glass and neon Rainbow Crash. Collection Catalogue.

Venice, Thetis Foundation, presentation of the suspended public work Jaula de luz/Light Cage, iron large cage with a rotating blue light: a site specific public work commission of the Canary Government for the Presidential Square of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, installed and inaugurated on March 8th, 2004. This suspended artwork became part of a public collection of more than 40 pieces of sculptures collected by Santa Cruz de Tenerife under the title Esposición Internacional de escultura en la calle.

Lido-Venice, International exhibition of sculpture in the open air: Open, videoinstallation Tolerance: monument to friendship, dedicated to Pierre Restany. Exhibition Catalogue.



Montecatini, Italy, Avantgarde: scultures in urban space, project by Montecatini Town Hall, Culture Council and Portofino, Museo del Parco, artwork Freiheit. Exhibition Catalogue.

New York, Henry Buhl Collection, acquisition of one element, a wax hand in a metal mirrored box, from the installation Straphangers, 1981.

Genoa exhibition MeDesign, forme del Mediterraneo/Mediterranean shapes, curated by the University of Architecture and Design Genoa, section Contaminations.curator Viana Conti, Exhibition Catalogue.

Venice, Palazzo Franchetti, Institute of Letters Science and Arts, Vetri nel mondo: oggi, curator Rosa Barovier. Exhibition Catalogue.



Urbino, Italy, Rocca di Sasso Corvaro, Assolo Donna, Videoprojection and installation Tolerance-In-Tolerance, curator Marco Maria Gazzano.

Bellinzona, Switzerland, CAC Ticino, Centro d’Arte Contemporanea, The vanities of the caged bird.

Öland, Sweden, Global Art Glass, Third triennial, 26 artists, 14 countries, one castle, beside the kingdom of glass, presentation of the artwork No More. Exhibition Catalogue.

New York, USA, Remy Toledo Gallery, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, invited women artists Mary Beth Edelson, Carolee Schneemann, Judy Chicago, Monika Weiss, Sara Modiano, Federica Marangoni, Marcia Grostein, Ana Mendieta.

Madrid, Spain, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Tolerance-In-Tolerance, solo exhibition. Exhibition Catalogue.

New York, USA, Remy Toledo Gallery Tolerance-In-Tolerance, solo exhibition. Exhibition Catalogue.



Venice, Ikona Photo Gallery, No More, solo exhibition.

Madrid, Spain, Institute of Italian Culture, Installation of the site specific media artwork Continuity and solo anthology exhibition The sites of Utopia.

Pesaro, Italy, Arti elettroniche Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, Department of Communication and performing Art , curator Marco Maria Gazzano; catalogue Kinema Cultural assocition, August 2006.



Palm Beach, USA, Artfair, January 2007

Venice, Spazio Candiani Artisti veneti negli anni ’70 (Venetian Artists of the ‘70’s). Exhibition Catalogue.

Milan, Castello Sforzesco, 100 years Anniversary of Mondadori publisher, Decode Elements, 10 projects for 10 artists.

Milan, Biblioteca di Via Senato,May , "The Archive on Fire", Large Glass Book with back projection. event.

Castell’Arquato (PC) Palazzo della Pretura, Virginia Woolf: una stanza tutta per te… seven artists invited. Exhibition Catalogue.

Pittsburgh USA, Carnegie Museum of Art Viva Vetro! Glass Alive! Venice and America, one room for the Artist. Catalogue of the exhibition. 

Venice, Cornice Art Fair, June 2007. Exhi bition Catalogue.

Biella, Italy, Silvy Bassanese Arte Contemporanea, exhibition Terribly Emotional, November 24th – March 1st 2008.Curator V. Conti



Genova, Italy VillaCroce Museum, installation  dedicated to Virginia Wolf " The Room of Unwritten words" Book Signing, September 30th

New York , Institute of Italian Culture,  Solo anthology exhibition and Book presentation/ signing  "The Sites of Utopia".

Bellinzona, Museo del Castello Sforzesco di Sasso Corbaro, Terribly Emotional.Curator V. Conti

Milan, Fondazione Biblioteca di Via Senato, Un libro in maschera. Exhibition Catalogue.20, Marzo 2008,  curator Gioia Mori

Genoa, "Successi", curator Arturo Schwartz , ARTRE Gallery

Perla's Gallery, "Silent Scream", for women March 8th, one painting withNeon words



NEW YORK, installation of the sculpture "The Tree of Life", Ophelia and William Rudin commission, 211 E 71st at 3rd Avenue

Milano, “Plaza, International Contemporary Art Exhibition”, “Beyond the Limit”. “No More” at Piazza della Scala.  november 9th

VERCELLI, “Clicking the Cosmos opening a window on darkness” , public works in the Town: "NO MORE",  location of the Artwork in front of the Synagogue. January / February 2009

Alcorcon, Madrid, Centro de las Artes, solo exhibition anthology. “Luz Y Sombra” / “Light and Shade”.opening  February 2nd / June 23rd 2009

Biella, Silvy Bassanese Gallery, “PEOPLE”, solo exhibition and presentation/signing of the book “The Sites of Utopia” . Curator Viana Conti, october 2009

Triennale di Milano, ceiling suspended 30 Monitors Videoinstallation: “ Tolerance In Tolerance” and book  signing :“The Sites of Utopia” Milano, May 2009

Venice, Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti, “Glasstress”, exhibition under the auspices of the Venetian Biennale, curator A.Berengo.

VENICE, Hotel Bauer  in the occasion of the Iinternational Venice Biennale of Art," STAZIONI di LUCE", two artworks site specifics presented, June 1st/ November 30th

Genoa, Ghiglione Gallery, "Terribly Emotional", By Viana Conti, Catalogue of Exhibition.



Genoa, Unimedia Modern Contemporary Art: " BAD GIRLS".

Genova, Italy , installation : Symbols and Fetishes” for. "The ROLLI Days", art in the historical Palaces of Genoa, with ARTRE Gallery, May  21st / 22nd

Genoa, " Non si butta via nulla", Villa Imperiale, ARTRE Gallery 

PADUA, Cultural center S. Gaetano:" PERCORSI DELLO SGUARDO", curator N.Galvan for the Padua Town Hall.



Arezzo (Italy) Group Exhibition "QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM", may 21th -june 5th. Ten women artists for a project at Palazzo Lombardi

54th International art exhibition \ La Biennale di Venezia. Italian Pavillion. "L'Arte non è cosa nostra", curator Vittorio Sgarbi. Mixed media installation of light and video ESCAPE, presentation text by Alvise Zorzi. june 2011 

Venezia, Group Exhibition "PALAZZO ZENOBIO PER L'ARTE, " , with the artwork LIGHT DIALOGUE. Curator Roberta Semeraro.  September 2011 

Milan, Group Exhibition "ABITA-MI 2011", Milano Fair. 7 artist for 7 projects. 

Biella, Italy, Group Exhibition "INCERTE PATRIE", Silvy Bassanese Arte Contemporanea, Curator Viana Conti, Ottobre 2011

Genoa, Group Exhibition in two locations, Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum and La Commenda di Pre "NEL SEGNO DELLA DONNA", 8 Artists invide. Curators V.Monteverde, L.Leone  

" La Cerreta Park, Private Collection, Umbria", may 2011

Installation of  the site specific, public sculpture  "CONJUNCTION”, red LED light, 6m H raw red glass into the caged base.

Este (Padova) , Installation of the  public sculpture, site specific, located in the Park of the medioeval castle, "LA VOLIERA\ THE AVIARY", July 29th 2011

Cavallino Jesolo (Venezia), Art Hotel Private collection, Installation of the sculpture "THE CADGED BUTTERFLIES", July 31st 2011