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Gloria Corbetta

Av. Carlos Gomes 1610 - 105
Porto Alegre, 0 90480-002, Brazil
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Phone: +55 +51 3328.7775

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GLORIA CORBETTA was born in Porto Alegre, R.G.Sul. She is a plastic artist, sculptor and designer. Since an early age, she has chosen sculpture as a way of expression in which she has made a lot of exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. She became known for transforming the bronze and aluminum into sensual women dancers . Through her ability to work with stainless steel , she brought us up to her most important exhibition she called LIBERTY , that was shown in the Art Museum of R.G.Sul (1989), in the Image and Sound Museum, MIS, Paço das Artes, São Paulo, in the AMC Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at the Brazilian American Cultural Institute at Whashington, USA. (1991).

Her SHOW ROOM was opened in 1990 in her home town , Porto Alegre, R.G.Sul. She sells in the same place, the bronze, aluminum, resin and stainless steel sculptures; the house and office objects of applied art and design, and sculpture jewels that are created and signed by her.

She has had a very important performance in her state, R.G.Sul. She was the head of the Art Comission of the State Council from 1991 to 1994.She has done an important work, during all these years ,among the R.G. do Sul entrepreneurs, creating trophies for big companies in R.G.Sul.

She is a member of the INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE CENTER , UNITED STATES, of the DESIGNERS ASSOCIATION OF R.G.SUL, and of the AMERICAN CRAFT MUSEUM, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES. CITATIONS: Plastic Art Dictionary, JULIO LOUZADA, BRAZIL, Plastic Art Dictionary of Rio Grande do Sul (DECIO PRESSER, RENATO ROSA), Rio Grande do Sul Sculptor Book (ARMINDO TREVISAN), International Sculpture Center, UNITED STATES.