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Sculpture cover


Madeline Wiener

24’ x 5’ to 15’ x 12’
Indiana Limestone

Robert & Judi Newman Center for Performing Arts, Denver, Colorado $200,000 These limestone reliefs were created to act as "book-ends" for the new Robert & Judi Newman Center for Performing Arts at Denver University. They were designed to depict musicians and instruments in a whimsical style - a celebration of music. This end of the building houses the Lamont School of Music at DU, and behind the saxophone player, is the actual studio where sax is taught. The relief that shows more classical instruments and an opera singer is at the end of the building that houses the studios where voice is taught. The reliefs started out weighing a total of 76,000 pounds and each are made out of six 4ft tall panels ranging from 15ft wide at the bottom to 5ft. wide at the top. They were carved at my downtown Denver warehouse studio and finished on the wall of the School of Music. ***Detail of these reliefs is used as the identifying image/logo for the Newman Center on advertising and cards.