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Sculpture cover


Madeline Wiener

8.5’ x 6.5’ x 4.5’
Dolomitic Limestone

The Lake House, Evergreen, Colorado $53,000 This sculpture, my first interactive installation, was carved out of a 42,000 lb. block of dolomitic limestone and was designed with the specific intent of enticing children of all ages to climb and explore its entire surface. The sculpture has areas for little hands and feet to take hold, and the texture of the finished surface is just rough enough to give kids traction even when it is wet. The people of Evergreen refer to this sculpture as the Pied Piper of sculpture, as it calls the children to play on it at any given time. On warm summer’s evenings kids ask their parents if they can go play with the ‘stone kids’. The benches fulfill the setting which is family oriented.