International Sculpture Center



Clark Wiegman

Clock tower 60 x 18 x 18. Sculptural plaza: 12 x 58 x
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plants, Stained Glass

Commissioned by Puget Area Sound Transit for Federal Way Transit Center. As a meditation on nature and civilization, tree invites the transit facility user to consider five different types of time: geologic, dendrochronologic, historic, seasonal & solar. The daily journeys that we make as commuters leave a carbon footprint that has a precise time & space relationship. Reducing the spatial component has an inverse relationship to the time we have to live in the hydrocarbon age. Each element of this installation (chronolog, seedleaves, axgrove, rootslices) reinforces this tautology through the deconstruction of a single living organism, a civic icon for the City of Federal Way and landmark for downtown area known as The Commons.