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About the Directory
The ISC Resource Directory is committed to being the world destination and source of information on contemporary sculpture. The Directory allows arts organizations like galleries, parks & gardens, museums, and sculptors groups, as well as businesses that offer services and supplies to sculptors, to post their information in one convenient place. The Directory is easy to search, allowing sculptors and those interested in contemporary sculpture to learn about your organization.

Eligibility Requirements for the Resource Directory
Free listings are available for businesses offering services and supplies for sculptors. All businesses must be willing to offer a discount to ISC members; please email for more information.

Directory Rates (more about this topic)

Preferred Vendor Members:
Your membership includes the placement of 10 images and the web equivalent of 2 pages of text online for one year. It also includes a free link to the organization's home page or other location.

  • Additional images:
    If you would like to add more images than your membership allows you, additional images may be purchased here for $15 per image, up to a total of 20 images. (Only for Preferred Vendor members)

Basic Vendor Members:
Your membership includes the placement one free link to the organization's home page or other location, and a brief description of your organization.

Instructions for Posting your Directory listing online (more about this topic)
Please follow these instructions carefully:

Step 1: Create a Directory Account

Using our online login form, click "new users sign up here" then click on the link to create a Directory Listing to enter your e-mail address and create your password.

Step 2: Register your Directory Listing

Once you are logged in click on Create/Edit Directory Listing and fill out the registration form by adding the information you would like to include on your listing. The registration form has fields for all of your organization's contact information, as well as a "long bio" section which you are free to use for a description of your organization. Note: only basic contact information will be displayed on a Basic Vendor member's listing. Preferred members receive a full listing. If you have any questions on how to complete the registration form, please write to

Step 3: Upload your images
(for Preferred vendors only)

After you have filled out the registration form, you may add images to your listing by logging into your account and using the "add new sculpture" link (Preferred Vendor members only). Fill out the title, scale, medium, and date of your piece, if applicable. If these fields do not apply to your image, leave them blank and just enter "other information" as necessary. Save the image when you have finished adding this information. You will then be able to upload the image of the work.

Image requirements:
1) Images should be formatted as
1) The Directory database will only accept images under 50k in size.
Learn how to resize your images here.
2) Digital Images should be 72 pixels/inch with image size not exceeding six inches in width, five inches in height.
3) Images will not be enlarged, as this will degrade their quality.
4) Images that are very tall and thin or very long and narrow may need to be cropped by the ISC.

Change or update an existing Directory listing (more about this topic)
You may update or change the text on your listing at any time by logging in with your e-mail address and password.

Each time you renew your membership, you are allowed to change or add 4 images free of charge (Preferred Vendor members only, up to a maximum of 20 images).

Additional images beyond those included in your membership can be purchased here at a cost of $15 per image or by using this Payment form. Please mail you payment to the ISC and upload your images as described above. Added or changed images will need to be approved by the ISC before they can be displayed on your Directory listing.

Directory Approval (more about this topic)

After submitting your online registration, the ISC needs to approve your Directory listing before it will be added to our website. If you have submitted images, we resize them to fit the Directory format, and this process may take a few weeks.

Directory applications that have not been completed after three months will be deleted. For space reasons, we will have to remove any unfinished Directory applications.

The ISC reserves the right to decline to post materials that are deemed inappropriate or factually incorrect.

For additional Directory information please contact: