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Go Further and Double Your Impact
2017 Annual Appeal Matching Gift Campaign

At the core of every service provided by the ISC, we value: Our constituents--Sculptors, Institutions, and Patrons. Dialogue - As a catalyst to innovation and understanding. Education--As fundamental to personal, professional, and societal growth. Community--As a place for encouragement and opportunity.

International Sculpture Center Annual Appeal Matching
Gift Campaign

Matching your gift, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, the ISC Board of Trustees doubles your giving capacity this year.
ISC gives you the chance to
see the world through a new lens, meet the best people, and really make a difference.

Come join us at one of our many events in 2018. Travel, learn, and share with us. Keep up to date with Sculpture magazine and all the new content on the website.
Be part of something important;

participate in the growth of the ISC as we continue to provide valuable opportunities supporting you.

Photo Credits: 1. Tarani Prasad Mishra and Sand Sculpture, Srikakulam, India, on International Sculpture Day. 2. Attendees t Olga Alexander and Gina Miccinilli’s artist talk at Mana Contemporary. 3. ISC Mana BSMT resident Jessica Taylor.