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The Edge of Sculpture

April 22, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - April 30, 2017 @ 10:00 pm

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The exhibition titled “The Edge of Sculpture” will open Saturday, 22 April 2017, 7 p.m. at the Vesna Parun’s County Museum. The exhibition is organized by the Punta Arta association.
The association participated in last year’s International Sculpture Day, organized by the International Sculpture Center (ISC), with the exhibition titled “AnotherElse / Drugi drugi”. This year they will do the same.
The exhibition titled “The Edge of Sculpture”, curated by Vedran Perkov, will feature works by five authors: Neven Bilić, Đorđe Jandrić, Alem Korkut, Ines Krasić and Loren Živković Kuljiš.
All the authors listed are known participants of the contemporary art scene, especially in the field of sculpture. In the works featured in this exhibition, they approach the medium in a somewhat different way than we usually associate with “pure” sculpture.
Neven Bilić, for example, builds his sculptures out of elements, that is to say models, which he previously cast out in different molds. By combining the built elements he creates the final form – the sculpture. Works presented in this exhibition represent a sort of introduction to his usual practice: the exhibition will feature molds which Neven usually uses. Therefore, we are witnessing the sculpture before it is even created! The elements which make up the work can only be imagined (with the help of the molds-negatives), while the final form of the sculpture remains a complete mystery.
“Heaps” by Đorđe Jandrić are an expression of his philosophical and metaphysical contemplations not only regarding sculpting, but art and life itself. By stripping off the elements which make up a sculpture, the author reaches a formula, an explanation: the square is a base, the triangle and circle a cone; all three make up volume. So: the combination of a square, a triangle and a circle make up a sculpture. One such composition is featured in this exhibition. The title itself – heap – will take us even further than metaphysics; it will bring us closer to the primordial. We know that heaps had been built since the beginning of man. They represented places of worship, where man was closer to gods, that is to say, the truth.
“Shapes of Time” by Alem Korkut were created as a form of diary. The author created small wooden sculptures every day. Each individual piece is carefully sculpted; each one with its own identity and form. Scattered on the floor of the gallery, these pieces lose their identities, just like the days of our past, if we merely glance at them.
Why should we consider drawings by Loren Živković Kuljiš to be sculptures? Sculpture is mostly preceded by sketches and drawings. After comes modelling. In this case the situation is reversed: Loren first modelled a piece of clay in which he imprinted the time and coordinates of the sculpture’s place of origin; after that he began to draw. He repeated the process several times. The sculpture is, therefore, a sketch, and the drawing a documentation of its existence.
Ines Krasić will be exhibiting empty cardboard boxes; each side of the box featuring a photo of the author or an animal taken from a different angle (front, right and left portrait, rear, above and below). Although she uses a two-dimensional technique – photography – the objects she creates are three-dimensional, that is to say, sculptures. Nevertheless, the author encourages us to question the content, as well as form.


April 22, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
April 30, 2017 @ 10:00 pm
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Punta Arta
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Vedran Perkov
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Vesna Parun’s County Museum
Niz Beban bb, Zlarin, 22232 Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)
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