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* 20th International Sculpture Conference
* 25th Anniversary of Sculpture Magazine
* 45th Anniversary of ISC

What is a sculptor today?
What are the opportunities for young sculptors?
What is the future for sculpture?
Survival Strategies for sculptors
Dialogues and interaction with leading and emerging artists

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June 2006 CROSSROADS CINCINNATI details to follow...


The ISC's Board of Directors has voted to postpone the 20th International Sculpture Conference until next summer, June 2006 , to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of Sculpture Magazine and the 45th Anniversary of the International Sculpture Center. We want to take advantage of these two important events and to make them part of the forthcoming conference. We look forward to celebrating these exciting anniversaries with our members, friends and supporters next summer. Further information about the conference and related events will be posted to the website soon.

Or contact: ISC Conference Coordinator or 609-689-1051

Last Updated 3/2/2005

Buildings on Main Street at night in Cincinnati.
Cincinnati's Aronoff Center for the Arts.
Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center designed by Zaha Hadid.
Over-the-Rhine, flower boxes. Photo courtesy of