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2006 International Sculpture Conference
Crossroads Cincinnatti

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Almost 600 artists, educators, art enthusiasts, and art lovers gathered in Cincinnati at the 20th International Sculpture Conference. The much-anticipated event was a huge success, attracting participants from around the world- some traveled from as far as China, Korea, and New Zealand. With the assistance of scholarships, 300 students were able to attend. After four days of interactive learning, participants left with renewed energy for their own work and a greater appreciation for the art of Cincinnati.

“What a great conference it was- truly inspiring and thought-provoking.”

-Shawn Marshall (ISC Member)

“I found the speakers’ discussions on how they approach and define their works both educational and motivating.”

-Norma G. Prahl (student)

“The conference was very enjoyable. More important than the actual presentations was the opportunity to meet other sculptors and explore the art scene in Cincinnati.”

-Alton Falcone (student)

“Lots of great intellectual, creative stimulation. Let’s have more of this!”

-(ISC Member)