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2009 Lifetime Achievement Award Gala Honors:
Richard Hunt

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The ISC’s 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award Gala

“…Patient and kind, thoughtful and encouraging, generous and insightful, and still further, grateful and humble…I suspect that were he to have become a teacher or scientist or lawyer, such characteristics would remain true. How doubly fortunate we are that he became a sculptor. One only wishes such attributes were offered in earnest and with greater frequency in the art world.”

These words, used by speaker Joseph Becherer, director/curator of the Sculpture Program at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, to describe the International Sculpture Center’s 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award winner Richard Hunt, set the tone as the ISC honored the Chicago artist at a sold-out Gala held on April 29 th at the Chicago Cultural Center. Nearly 250 artists, art patrons, members of the ISC Board of Directors, ISC members, and Ricahrd’s friends and family all congregated for an evening of cocktails and dinner. The night fully came to life with a memorable awards ceremony that brought on laughter, tears, and standing ovations.

A further excerpt, from Joe Becherer’s speech summarizes just why Richard Hunt has joined the ranks of internationally renowned sculptors: “Richard, I know that you prefer to work in metal and steel, occasionally in bronze, but for me, for Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, for the people gathered together this evening, and for the sculpture community, your work is a more precious material, gold. Through your artistry and in your humanity you are the gold standard.”

For the complete text of Joseph’s Becherer remarks please click here.