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Sculpture cover


Eloisa Guanlao

Voyage In...Voyage Out: Adaptation, pine, mahogany, milk-paint, brass, cotton rope, 144" x 14" x 16", 2005

Adaptation is a vessel that voyages to many places where it gathers and shares stories as part of the process of decolonisation. In an effort to heed Walter Benjamin’s suggestion to overcome the “ideology of progress…in all its aspects,” my work examines history and consequence, it views all participants as contributors to the state of humanity. I study the context within which problematic ideologies like ‘progress,’ ‘primitivism’ and ‘modernity’ are invoked. In this realm, Adaptation becomes a site of active memory, an evolving story, constructed and reconstructed, in a multitude of ways.

University of New Mexico
Faculty Sponsor: Steve Barry