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Sculpture cover


Chika Matsuda

Work: Polar Bear and Microwave
Year: 2006

My practice contemplates the way we live our daily lives, our perception of life, and how we consume and reproduce resources. I am investigating the relationship between humans and nature, with human as a part of nature, in terms of what our activities create and the traces they leave behind. I employ humor and irony as vehicles. The work often involves everyday objects, time, and the participation of an audience. I attempt to create playful and toy-like objects, which are then juxtaposed with disturbing aspects of reality. My work deals with current environmental concerns such as, global warming, climate changes, shortage of water and so on. Some of the works appear to be didactic and directly related to these subjects; however, my current work is taking a more philosophic approach. This work is becoming less concerned with political and environmental issues, and more focused upon the experience and existence of human beings as whole.


University of Arizona
Faculty Sponsor: James A. Cook