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Sculpture cover


Daniel Bruce

Work: Compost (prototype)
Dimensions: Variable
Materials: neon, solar panels, wood, batteries, charge controller, inverter, transformer,
electricity, light, electric wire, coin operated mechanism, wood stump, milk crates.
Year: 2007-2008

My current works utilize objects, images, and light. The resulting installations are a conflation or fabulation of my own idiosyncracies regarding the relations of power and value. These investigations require that I discern the ruses and value relations of our postmodern condition in order to re-purpose a stratagem of my own that highlights the suspect nature and ideological parameters of convention. Much of my work is aligned with what I have coined a ‘bumpkin aesthetic’. Bumpkin refers to an awkward and unsophisticated yokel. Aesthetics are a philosophical theory or idea of what is aesthetically valid. Bumpkin Aesthetic as a phrase or methodology has a conflicted nature that simultaneously conjures and inverts both high and low cultural practices.

Tyler School of Art
Faculty Sponsor: Jude Tallichet