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Sculpture cover


Jordan Griska

Work: Ad Infinitum
Dimensions: 9’11” x 10’ x 11’
Materials: Mixed Media
Year: 2008

As an artist, my sculpture grows out of mental images influenced by my interests in forms, patterns and processes related to the body and science, aiming to translate personal experiences into physical objects and events. I study and experiment with materials and techniques, and I explore their boundaries, believing that it is essential to understand as much as possible about various means of fabrication in order to freely execute my vision, which has led me into carving, woodworking, metal fabrication and the casting of composite plastics. My most recent project Ad Infinitum was developed from a working model into a large modular construction that uses the form of a playground slide as its basis, and I was led to teach myself to cast fiber-reinforced plastics and illuminate LEDs with conductive silver ink in place of wires.


Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Roesch