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Samantha Doan

Work: Home Intervention: The Living Inside
Dimensions: Variable
Materials: Mixed Media
Year: 2008

I am a researcher, an observer and a maker of objects imbued with personal histories revealed through performance. In "Home Intervention: The Living Inside" I create a living sculpture by combining autobiographical objects with the gestures of performance. I take advantage of the vicissitudes of the creative process, allowing my instincts and my physical interaction with materials to guide me through the making of objects. In my work, objects become important because of the presence of the artist and ultimately the audience exerting their influence simply by their presence. My work revolves around the tension between the impermanence of performance and the tangibility of objects. This tension reveals the vulnerability of human beings and the insignificance of objects without context. In the context of an interaction between the artist and the audience through performance, the nature of objects is transformed – no longer on a pedestal alone, objects become as vulnerable as the artist who makes them.


Miami University
Faculty Sponsor: Sara Young