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Sculpture cover


Ralph Pugay

Work: Saddle Soap (Chronic Pain Obstacle Course)
Dimensions: dimensions variable
Duct tape, plastic sheets, flags, paper, gouache, water bottle, mop-head, sponges, helmet, plant pots, acrylic, cups, tennis balls, aluminum foil, masonite, strings, mesh net, mop-handles, toothbrushes, coffee-table, buckets, lampshade, candles, protective goggles, clips, baking trays, towel, and free weights
Year: 2010

My work revolves around contradiction and its relation to human alienation. I use poetic schemes and plays on words to reveal the power behind language and symbols. The imagery comes from video games, reality shows, on-line memes, and naive aesthetics and takes the form of paintings, sculptures, videos, installation, crafts, posters, and digitally manipulated images—all of which investigate notions of confusion, perversion, apathy, catastrophe, and paradox.


Portland State University
Faculty Sponsor: Erik Geschke