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Opportunities has been included on-line so that our members can access the expanded coverage of the Insider. Longer more detailed descriptions and more immediate and extended coverage of opportunities are just two of the reasons for viewing this section of the ISC website. Opportunities is open only for ISC Members.

If you are an ISC member, a username and password will be sent to you when you join or renew. If you have not received your username and password, please email

If you are currently not an ISC member and would like to learn more about membership, click here or call our Membership Department at (609) 689-1051 ext. 301.

The Opportunities section includes announcements and deadlines for the following:

New Web Special
Public Art Projects
Call for Artists
Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships
Conferences and Symposia
Apprenticeships and Internships
Studio Rentals and Exchanges
Employment Opportunities

Listing is free and is available to anyone wishing to network with others in the field and connect with important sculpture happenings and career-building events. Send us your announcements for studio exchanges, conferences, symposia, publications, jobs, calls for artists, workshops and more. Individuals or organizations wishing to list an opportunity should address the information to

The deadlines* for submitting information to Insider for Opportunities are as follows:

Issue Deadline

  • January/February - November 10
  • March - January 10
  • April - February 10
  • May - March 10
  • June - April 10
  • July/August - May 10
  • September - July 10
  • October - August 10
  • November - September 10
  • December - October 10
*There is no deadline for submitting information to the Opportunities section of the ISC website.

A Note to ISC Members:
Although the ISC makes every effort to verify the information contained in these listings, artists are advised to check deadlines and eligibility requirements before making a large investment of time or money. Note: Organizations sponsoring competitions, commissions, et al. that require extensive preparation by artists should submit information well in advance of their project's final deadline. While ISC publishes opportunities as soon as they are received, advance notice from sponsoring organizations permits more artists to apply. Listings that have deadlines close to the Sculpture Magazine publication date and are received late in our production schedule are included so some artists can participate. If you receive this issue after a deadline has passed, we apologize.