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Para Mejor Jugar
Children love to use their imagination while they play. If they could be allowed to play with art in open air museums, they would learn so much by themselves. By using geometrical figures I design arrangements especially for the young ones. Sculptures become sandboxes, spaces to fit things, steps to climb, areas to jump, round and plane surfaces that suggest episodes and momentum in a child’s dream.

Museo De Arte Moderno
The sculpture garden has a circuit of walkways and is situated in a Mexico City forest. Features approximately 65 sculptures and includes national and international artists, such as Black, Carabajal, Felguerez, Goeritz, Gurria, Mayagoitia, Ota, Pinto, and Tirado. Admission fee. All tours require reservations.
Paseo de la Reforma y Gandhi, Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico D.F.C.P. 11560. Contact: Dulce Maria de Alvarado, public relations. (52-5) 553 62 33, (52-5) 211 8729, (52-5) 211 8331. Fax(52-5) 553 6211. Open Tues. through Sun., 10a.m. to 5:30p.m.

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