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Chu Ju Sculpture Park

Che Ju Sculpture Park, Shin Chun Jee Art Museum Kwangnyong
2_Ri, Aewol-Up
Pukcheju-Gun, Che Ju, 695-905
Contact: Ms. Hae Won Kim - Executive Director
Tel: (02) 379-4408
Fax: (02) 3217-0377

Shin Chun Jee means "new world" which suits for futurama of the museum. It was founded in 1987 by Kwan Mo Chung, sculptor, and professor of Shin Women's University in Korea.

Professor Chung's goal was to deepen and enrich Korean art culture, and his enthusiastic support and assistance for the museum brought a world-wide attention to Korean contemporary art. The museum has been growing for past 13 years in both size and stature. It is now set in over 25 acres with a private collection of 350 outdoor sculptures and 500 paintings, printings and sculptures in gallery, mainly by Korean contemporary artists. The museum also has various unique areas for public such as Animal Sculpture Site for children, Pots Spite with traditional ceramics of Che Ju, Garden of Poems with more than 60 poem-related sculptures and indoor Art Center for lectures and special events.

The Shin Chun Jee Art Museum is known as a place for the harmony of nature and art to the visitors from all over the world.

Open to public 9am -5:30pm daily throughout the year.

For driving directions to site contact Ms. Jina Chung, Director of Planning at (718) 475-1688 or

Free parking.

Printed materials available by mail, contact Ms. Jina Chung.

Catalogue available.

Admission fee: Adult - US $ 3.00, Under 12- US $ 1.50

Snack bar, museum shop, restroom, observatory, mini stadium, outdoor stage, vending machines.

Hae Won Kim

Il Ho Lee

Kwan Mo Chung

Shink Chang

Sung-ok Lee

Art Museum

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