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Parco Sculture del Chianti

Parco Sculture del Chianti

Pievasciata (Siena), Italy 53010
Contact: Park curator Piero Giadrossi
Tel: +39 - 0577 - 357151, 5301Fax: +39 - 0577 - 357149

The Chianti Sculpture Park is located in Tuscany about 7 miles (11.2 km) north of Siena, Italy.

The area is famous worldwide for its beautiful hilly landscape, its vineyards and the evergreen olive trees and Cyprus trees. Quiet medieval villages are scattered here and there; the small hamlet of Pievasciata, with its church of San Giovanni Battista, dating back to the XI century, is just one kilometer away.

Piero Giadrossi the founder of this Park, has travelled extensively for over 20 years and has always collected small and large contemporary sculptures. His vision was to share with the discerning visitors of Tuscany, his love for sculpture and so he decided to create a permament exhibition along a shadowy trail which runs through a beautiful wood of oaks.

Each artist chose the site for his or her installation, thus each work becomes a unique presence in the corner of the wood where it is mounted. To select the artists Piero was helped by an Art Committee and careful thought was given to the nationality and the media used. Twenty countries are represented so far and this makes the Park truly unique in Italy. One of the objectives of the Park was to give room to artists barely known in Europe, but famous in their country of origin; significant talents that otherwise would have no exposure to the western public.

Temporary exhibition will be held annually in the amphitheater.

Opposite the entrance of the Park an old building which was a pottery, has been transformed into a large art gallery and so visitors who have admired the large sculptures in the Park can have a chance to admire smaller works made by the same artists.

Admission: 7,50 Euro.
Open to public: April to October / 9:00 to sunset. Open by appointment only: October to April.
Check the website for driving directions.
Parking available for fee.
Guided and self-guided tours for individuals and groups.
Brochure available via post. Acrobat PDF brochure available.

Public restrooms.




Christoph Spath

Mrs. Haewon Kim

Ursula Reuter

Kemal Tufan

Mauro Berrettini

Pilar Aldana Mendèz

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