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El Ancon Sculpture Park

El Ancon Sculpture Park
P.O. Box 248
Ribera, NM 87560
Contact: Janet Stein Romero, Nicasio Romero - Artists/Owners
Tel: (505) 421-7057

El Ancon Sculpture Park was founded by artists Nicasio Romero and Janet Stein Romero almost twenty years ago. It is a private grassroots experience on approximately ten acres in Northern New Mexico, including: permanent outdoor installations, orchards, river bottomland, acequia trails and mesa vistas. On one of the Pecos River's many curves, bronze mixes with adobe, abstracted polished steel finds comfort in cold mountain water, and aesthetic simplicity meets the demands of utility. The two-story historic adobe gallery houses assemblage, small sculpture, printmaking, painting and vintage clothing. The gallery overlooks a pond fed by an artisan well among the cottonwoods. Janet's adobe studio is also part of the compound, as is Nicasio's sunlit pavilion. The interiors resonate with vivid chaos and all are composed by Janet. Nicasio is a self-taught architect and has built the exhibition spaces blending traditional local methods with his homegrown meditative style.

El Ancon represents a rotating community of artists who greatly contribute to the spirit and the site. We are a small-scale park open by appointment and chance to artists, collectors, local neighbors and guests passing-by.

We hope to share our approach to sculpture and art with you through a visit. Weather in northern New Mexico includes all of the seasons. Our road is well-maintained but rustic.

El Ancon is situated on the Pecos River in the Villanueva Valley of Northern New Mexico. We are about 100 miles (1 and ˝ hours) from the ABQ airport and 45 miles (40 minutes) from Santa Fe, easily accessible at Exit 323 on I-25 North.

Fact sheet/ brochure, slides and prints of various pieces by arrangement with Janet Stein Romero. Educational Programs/ Hands-on workshops, Tours for small groups, Elder hostel available.
No admission fee.
Restrooms available.
Small local Café nearby

Tom Waldron

Nicasio Romero

Gary Dryzmala

Janet Stein Romero

Nicasio Romero

Gina Telcocci