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Sculpture at Goodwood

Sculpture at Goodwood
Goodwood, West Sussex
P018 0QP
England, UK
Contact: Helen Friend - Marketing Executive
Tel: +44(0) 1243 538449
Fax: +44(0) 1243 531853

Founded and privately endowed by Wilfred and Jeannette Cass in 1994, Sculpture at Goodwood is a charitable foundation dedicated to promoting and selling contemporary British sculpture. It is an altruistic, long term project to help ensure that British sculpture maintains its place on the map and to create an arena in which sculptors have the opportunity to make ambitious works that without financial assistance and enthusiastic backing might never have been realised.

In forming partnerships with artists, Goodwood also works with other organisations to assist projects outside its own boundaries. Sculpture at Goodwood has made its single largest financial commitment to a project in placing a contemporary work on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. The commissioned Sculpture "Regardless of History" by Bill Woodrow (H : approx 6 metres), will be unveiled in March 2000. Sculpture at Goodwood has also enabled two new sculptures for the Millennium Dome and has been working with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the exhibition Bronze, in Holland Park, due to open for one year in April 2000.

Sculpture at Goodwood's showcase lies fifty miles south of London. Set in twenty acres of woodland it is in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Open to the public March - November; Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10.30am - 4.30pm

Free Parking available.

Guided tours available for both groups and individuals, Self Guided tours also optional.

To obtain driving directions to site call +44(0) 1243 771114.

Availability of printed materials by mail: Sculpture at Goodwood leaflet,"A dance of Stillness" Introductory video to Sculpture at Goodwood", "A Dance of Stillness" Photo Souvenir Book, Sculpture at Goodwood - British Contemporary Sculpture Annual Books - 95/96 - 99/00, Information Packs, Drawings and Models 94/98 Book and Drawings and Models Information Pack.

Availablility of Catalogue: Annual "British Contemporary Sculpture" - Sculpture at Goodwood Books 95/96 - 99/00

Guided group visits, 60 minute discussions between artists and leading art critics / historians, Sculpture at Goodwood Web Site.

Admission Fee : £10.00 Adults, £6.00 Students, £6.00 Children over 6

Facilities: Gallery / Bookshop / Toilets.

For Directions to Sculpture at Goodwood please visit

List of Artists who have/are exhibited/exhibiting at Sculpture at Goodwood:
Edward Allington Fallen Pediment (Piano) 1994
Kenneth Armitage Richmond Oak 1985-90
Zadok Ben-David Conversation Piece 1996
Zadok Ben-David Horse Power 1999
Hamish Black YP 1 1998
Matt Bodimeade Force 7 1990
Peter Burke Host 1996
Peter Burke Janus Head 1999
Sir Anthony Caro The Tower of Discovery 1991
Sir Anthony Caro Goodwood Steps (Spirals) 1994-96
Lynn Chadwick Stranger III 1959 (cast 1996)
Robin Connelly Oak Spiral 1991
Stephen Cox Organs of Action - speech, evacuation, procreation, grasp, gait 1987-88
Stephen Cox Granite Catamarans on a Granite Wave 1994
Tony Cragg Spill 1987
Tony Cragg Trilobites 1989
Tony Cragg Pillars of Salt 1998
Maggie Cullen Untitled I 1997
George Cutts The Kiss 1991
George Cutts Sea Change 1996
George Cutts Reflections 1998
Grenville Davey Button 1988
John Davies Head 1997
Richard Deacon When the Landmasses First Appeared 1986
Eva Drewett Around Man 1991
Eva Drewett The Human Side of Being II 1992
Iain Edwards Reinventing the Wheel 1998
Nigel Ellis Mindfulness of Breathing 1998
Ian Hamilton Finlay The World Has Been Empty Since the Romans 1985
Mark Firth Primary Section 1999
Laura Ford Nature Girls 1996
Laura Ford John Bull 1999
Elisabeth Frink Horse and Rider 1969
Elisabeth Frink Riace Figures I, II, III, IV 1986, 1987,1988, 1989
William Furlong Walls of Sound 1998
Bruce Gernand Hearts-Hide 1993
Bruce Gernand Star and Cloud 1999
John Gibbons White Light Passage 1999
Andy Goldsworthy Herd of Arches 1994
Andy Goldsworthy A Clearing of Arches For the Night 1995
Steven Gregory Bag Men 1993
Steven Gregory Paparazzi 1996
Steven Gregory Fish on a Bicycle 1998
Steven Gregory The Two of Us 1998
Charles Hadcock Caesura IV 1995 Nigel Hall Soglio (Goodwood) 1994
Nicola Hicks Recovered Memory 1996-97
Shirazeh Houshiary The Extended Shadow 1994
Jon Isherwood Passages, Origins and Circumstance 1998
Allen Jones Temple 1998
Michael Kenny In Secrecy and Solitude 1991-92
Michael Kenny Belief and Desire 1997-98
David King Terrace 1998
Phillip King Genghis Khan 1963
Phillip King Slant 1966
Phillip King Academy Piece 1971
Phillip King Sun's Roots 1999
Bryan Kneale Deemster Fish 1996
Langlands and Bell Fifty Cities 1997
Kim Lim Spiral II 1983
Peter Logan Duet for Two Flutes 1991
Peter Logan Fandango 1997-99
Richard Long Six Stone Circles 1981
Michael Lyons Amphitrite 1993
David Mach The Garden Urn 1996
David Mach The Wild Bunch! 1996
John Maine Enclosure 1995
Bernard Meadows Large Seated Armed Figure
1963 Dhruva Mistry The Object 1995-97
Cathy De Monchaux Confessional 1997-98
David Nash Charred Column 1993
David Nash Two Together 1994
David Nash Mosaic Eggs 1995
David Nash Large Oak Throne etc 1997
David Nash Threshold Column 1998
Paul Neagu Triple Star Head 1987-93
Paul Neagu Unnamed (Eschaton) 1997
Eilís O'Connell Space Emptied Out 1994
Eilís O'Connell Carapace 1999
Ana Maria Pacheco Requiem 1986-95
Zora Palova Virtual Reality
1999 Trupti Patel Stay 1995
Vong Phaophanit Azure Neon Body 1994-95
William Pye Vessel III 1995
William Pye Miss Prism 1998
Victoria Rance Ark 1997
Victoria Rance Shelter 1998
Peter Randall-Page Ways to Wrap a Stone I 1990
Peter Randall-Page Ways to Wrap a Stone II 1990
Peter Randall-Page Beneath the Skin 1991
Peter Randall-Page Secret Life I & IV 1994
Peter Randall-Page Mother Tongue 1998
Colin Rose Breeze 1991
Colin Rose Night and Day 1992
Sophie Ryder The Boxing Hares 1988
Andrew Sabin Land-Bin 1998
Michael Sandle A Mighty Blow for Freedom: Fuck the Media 1988
Michael Sandle Queen of the Night 1999
Sophie Smallhorn No 43 1999
Keir Smith Stefano 1997
Keir Smith Barbara's Tower 1998
Wendy Taylor Troilus and Cressida 1999
Almuth Tebbenhoff Beam 1999
William Tucker Frenhofer 1997
William Turnbull Large Spade Venus 1986
William Turnbull Gate 1972
Jim Unsworth Another Surprise for Fabricius Luscinus 1998
Glynn Williams Portrait with Flowers 1990-91
Glynn Williams Gateway of Hands 1992
Avril Wilson A Leaf with Halo 1991
Bill Woodrow Endeavour: Cannon Dredged from the First Wreck of the Ship of Fools 1994
Bill Woodrow Sitting on History I 1990-95
Bill Woodrow Regardless of History 1999

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