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Spirit of Place

Spirit of Place
Summer: P.O Box 13, Huntington, VT 05462 U.S.A
Winter: 2031 Green St, Phila, PA 19130 U.S.A
Contact: Knox or Lucy Cummin.
Tel: 802-434-3285; Winter: 215-232- 4239

Spirit of Place is a privately run triennial show of outdoor, site-specific, temporary sculpture primarily by American artists. Located on approximately 12 acres near Burlington, VT, the secluded, undeveloped grounds offer superb natural settings in field, pond in woods. The 1998 show on the theme of the Elements was curate by Janie Cohen of the Fleming Museum and Knox and Lucy Cummin, the CO-directors.

Materials used ranged from those native to the site to fabricated steel, stencilled blue tarps, and bamboo. On opening day, two live performances on site in the woods, pond and field further animated the land.

Spirit of Place supported temporary interpretative sculpture that is imperfect and risky, fragile and brave. Sculpture that interprets the natural words seems to us a most appealing and effective way of getting people involved creatively with the earth.

Artist who have shown at Spirit of Place include B Amore and Woody Dursey, Laurie Palmer, Barbara Andrus, Bill and Ruth Botzow, James Boorstein, Kerstin Nichols, Kate Pond and Arden Scott.

The next show will be in July of 2001; interested artists may send inquiries to Knox Cummin by E-mail to Slides and resume are due by October 1, 2000 and specific proposals must be received by January 1, 2001.

Opening hours: 12:00p.m.-5:00 p.m. Mon-Sun Mid July-Mid August every third year(1998, 2001, etc...).

For appointment call two weeks ahead.

Free Parking available.

Catalogue and other printed materials available by mail.

$5 admission fee on opening day, $3 thereafter. Children under 12 half price.

Food and drink on opening day.

Show is handicapped accessible.


tarin chaplin

David Borawski
& Gil Scullion

Li Shen

Catherine Seidenberg

Linda Hoffman

R. G. Solbert

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