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Lookout Sculpture Park

Lookout Sculpture Park
RD 1, Box 102,
Damascus, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 18415
Contact: Susanne Wibroe-Fost
Director, Sculptor at "Lookout Sculpture Paris"
(association à but non-lucratif)
70, Avenue du Capitaine Glarner
93400 - Saint Ouen - France
Tel.: 011 33 1 40 12 31 05 - Fax: 011 33 1 40 12 28 39
July and August Tel.: 570-224-6586

Residency program open July and August only.
Park open year round for guided walking tours by appointment
with on site caretakers/managers Jot Stephens and Julie Kinzinger
Tel: (570) 224 6586 or with our neighborhood Lookout Sculpture Park
President Milton Groesbeck Tel: 914 887 6510.

Driving instructions, see map in black and white.
Parking available as indicated upon arrival Brochure available to park visitors.
There is no admission fee.

To the Lookout Sculpture Park in Damascus Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania. From N.Y.C,: take GWB to NY State Thruway to exit at Harriman onto 17 West. Take exit 104 at Monticello onto 17B to Callicoon. Cross the river into PA and drive 3,5 miles, turn right on Old Rd., right on Stone House Rd. and left on Bakers Hill Rd. to top. Travel time: 2.5 hours. Free Sculpture Hike Maps available at Parking Entry.

From Honesdale, PA: 191 North for 18 miles, turn right on Callicoon Access Rd., take 3rd left onto Wood Rd., which turns into Bakers Hill Rd. Park on right. Travel time: 30 mins.

Summer education programs to local children's summer "Indian Head Camp" and "Camp Towanda" keep our doors open. Three hour park tour and sculpture workshops teach kids about our natural environment, and they take home with them their own creations, as well as a large scale collaborative work nourishing "pilot parks" at their camps.

Lookout Sculpture Park is 59 acres of forests, fields, pond and stream, with three barns, two houses providing four double residency rooms and four indoor studios. Property purchased in the town of Lookout by Susanne Wibroe in 1986. Lookout Sculpture Park was incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) in July 1993. Rotating officers currently include, President & English Professor Milton Groesbeck, N.Y. and Vice-President & Architect Curt Hemlepp, PA.


Lookout Sculpture Park, founded to provide services to artists and the public, seeks to cultivate international interaction, environmental amelioration and educational outreach. The visual arts are vital to society and artists have a responsibility to share their ideas and works with others. To serve that dynamic, Lookout Sculpture Park offers an artistic, intellectual and challenging experience to artists and the community. The Park's proximity to New York City and Philadelphia provides access to these remarkable centers of culture, while its rural setting allows artists to create works surrounded by nature in a supportive environment. Beyond Lookout Sculpture Park's mission in Pennsylvania, the Park also offers sculpture exhibitions and residencies in rural and urban environments around the world.

Printed in eight different languages on the inside of brochure folder. Text written by John Morse.

"The original Johnny Apple Seed of sculpture parks, Lookout must survive!" Dave Collens, Storm King Art Center.

Unique focus international exchange, global interaction on healing and preservation of our environment. Park land conducive to installations intimate with nature, to monumental works situated on hilltop's open fields. Complete list of all names of artists in permanent collection of outdoor works, permanent collection of indoor maquettes and drawings and all artists who have done residencies and exhibited temporarily at Lookout "Satellite" galleries include;

  • Anne Alexander
  • Rysuei Arita
  • Ann Barth
  • Roman Bartos
  • Todd Barricklow
  • Friedeman Bender
  • Craig Black
  • Sylvia Benitez
  • Mariella Bisson
  • Renato Brazzani
  • Ann Carter
  • Corry Castedena
  • Jamie Calderwood
  • Riccardo Cordero
  • Jean Clareboudt
  • Nancy Cohen
  • Zachary Coffin
  • Ursula Clark
  • Jacques Canonici
  • Rae Culbert
  • Rosemarry Castoro
  • Lonel Chalaye
  • Josh Churchman
  • Michael Dwyer
  • Michael Dennis
  • Mark Didou
  • Alexander Drewchin
  • Daria Dorosh
  • Charles Nguyen Van Du
  • Dane
  • Edenfield
  • Robert Ellison
  • Peter Forakis
  • Al Farrow
  • Linda Fleming
  • Laura Foreman
  • Christopher Felver
  • Michael Fox
  • Betsy Friedman
  • Carol Fregoso
  • Ann Gillen
  • Abbe Graber
  • Carlo Gadin
  • Jannis Glykokakalas
  • Daniel Gordon
  • Mark Gordon
  • Joel Graesser
  • Hale Gurland
  • Marion Grey
  • Ann Gifford
  • Marien Goodheart
  • Kristin Gudjonsdottir
  • Hale Gurland
  • Gyldedottir
  • Gonzalo Hidalgo
  • Rebecca Howland
  • Tovey Halleck
  • Angelika Hofmann
  • John Huss
  • Jerelyn Hanrahan
  • Tadashi Hashimoto
  • Ken Hiratsuka
  • Bruce Horton
  • Kathleen Hanna
  • Edith Heath
  • Kenneth Hepburn
  • Stan Huncilman
  • Jonathan Hirshfeld
  • John Itner
  • Ward Jackson
  • Susan Johnson
  • David Krepfle
  • Mic Kronenwitter
  • Sherec Kaslikowski
  • Tom Kendall
  • Ray Kelly
  • Dani Karavan
  • Simon Lee
  • Denis Leri
  • Helen Lessick
  • Charles Linder
  • Glenn Lyons
  • Florian Morass
  • Brenna Manuel
  • Leigh Merinoff
  • John de Marchi
  • John Morse
  • Hans MŘIIer
  • Scott McGrath
  • Danae Mathes
  • Shigeo Matsubara
  • Forrest Myers
  • Georges Meudra
  • Matteo Martignoni
  • Paula Molato
  • Munson
  • Florence Neal
  • Susanne Nielsen
  • Nelson
  • Richard Nonas
  • Roland O’Brien
  • Jean-Louis Pierson
  • Scott Pfaffman
  • Marc Philippon
  • Parmesan
  • Dominique Pao
  • Jim Raglione
  • Patricia Ravarra
  • Jeff Rumaner
  • Peter Reginato
  • Don Rich
  • Monique Robert
  • Sal Romano
  • Wendy Rose
  • Bruno Rousselot
  • Fernando Re
  • John Sanders
  • Marina Sasso
  • Giulio Schiavol
  • Abraham Schlemowitz
  • Arleen Schloss
  • Clara Schneider
  • Raoul Schneider
  • Guy Scohy
  • Robert Sestok
  • Antonio Sharkey
  • Stephan Shayevitz
  • Janette Shelly
  • Laura Shute
  • Joseph Slusky
  • Charles Splady
  • Tony Stanzione
  • Jedrzej Stepak
  • Mark di Suvero
  • Bill Tarr
  • Naomi Teppich
  • Gunnar Theel
  • Giovanni Thoux
  • Marina Torchio
  • Marisa Toriginno
  • Josette Urso
  • Christine Vadrot
  • Louisa Valentina
  • Van de Kerckhove
  • Jens Veneman
  • David Vick
  • Peter Voulkos
  • Gale Wagner
  • William Wareham
  • Susanne Wibroe-Fost
  • Wu Wong
  • Ye Xin
  • Barbara Yoshida
  • Dana Zed
  • Andy Zimmermann
  • Peter Zimmermann

In seven years over 300 artists have visited and worked at Lookout Sculpture Park.
There are thirty permanent, artist owned works sited on the grounds. 150 maquettes and drawings have toured satellite galleries in New York City'93, San Francisco ISC'94, Val d'Aoste, Italy'95, SFSU "Lookout West"'96-'97 and Lookout Sculpture Paris '98-'99. Park funding is supplied by the sale of Director's work, minimal park participant support and a minor membership. Resourceful to artists as resident studios, you get what you see, less is more and we use ancient ways in our new age. The studios are set up for sculptural expression in ceramics, steel, wood, wax and moldmaking.

A maximum of 16 sculptors per July/August season (2 weeks each with 4 artists at one time) come from around the world to share their unique creative expressions, slides, videos, catalogues, cooking, clean-up and annual open house celebration. Interested applicants should submit their proposals to "Lookout Sculpture Paris" contact before June 15th. Please include a minimum of 3 slides, project description and sketch, state preferred two week residency dates and number of persons in your party (spouse, children, assistants) plus proof of personal medical insurance and proof of financing planned for residency dispensation.

All personal expenses (e.g.: voyage, vehicle, food, hand tools, telephone. documentation, promotion and sculpture materials - except raw resources and magnificent site available at Park) must be assumed by artist or his/her sponsor. Notification of applicant approval by fax immediately after June 15th deadline. Other expenses to consider: $50 to replenish Oxy-Acet tanks, $50 Per cu.yd concrete, $200 per day excavator, local chainsaw supply, nursery, lumberyard. red shale, bluestone, claybed available at reasonable rates.

"Chip-In" residency requirement: leave us with a drawing and maquette of completed outdoor project and help us teach at least one morning workshop to camp kids who came attend our educational program. We look forward to seeing you at Lookout Sculpture Park. Became a member and/or invest in our hand-painted dinnerware help "Lookout for the Lookout!" Thanks.

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