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Neill Corporation Sculpture Garden

The Neill Corporation Sculpture Gardens
First Location
303 South Pine Street,
Hammond, LA. 70403

Second Location
32872 Cullom Rd.
Springfield, LA 70462

Contact: Alexei Kazantsev (concept designer)
Tel: (504) 867- 8619
Fax: (504) 809- 7708

The Neill Sculpture Garden was created in 1997 by the Neill Corporation. It was created to represent the aesthetic values of the corporation; which include harmony between people and nature. The main theme of the garden is the forces of nature and the elements (sun/moon, water, fire, air, earth). It has two locations, both a one hour drive from New Orleans International Airport. The first location is the Neill Corporation Headquarters Office Building in Hammond, Louisiana, which is home to five large marble sculptures, "The Four Elements" and "Balance" located on three acres in the center of this quiet provincial town. It is available for viewing from 9a.m. to 6p.m. The second location of The Garden is at the private estate of Debra and Edwin Neill in Springfield, LO. It has three sandstone sculptures and a composition consisting of seven marble sculptures including a waterfall on ten-acres. It is available for viewing by appointment only. The Neill Corporation Sculpture Garden is a site-specific single artist designed corporate collection. Alexi Kazantsev, sculptor, worked with the Neill Corporation as the concept designer and creator of the pieces.

Open 9a.m. to 6p.m.

Call Operator for directions: (504) 345 1085

Free Parking.



Alexei Kazantsev

Alexei Kazantsev

Alexi Kazantsev

Alexei Kazantsev

Alexei Kazantsev

Alexei Kazantsev

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