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TICKON- Tranekaer International Centre for Art and Nature

TICKON-Tranekaer International Centre for Art and Nature
Tranekaer Castle Park, Tranekaer, Langeland, Denmark
Contact: Alfio Bonanno
Ostergade 10, DK-5900 Rudkobing, Denmark
Tel: +45 62 51 35 05
Fax: +45 62 51 43 35

TICKON is a non-profit foundation that commissions site-specific environmental sculptures, and is now working for the realization of a TICKON-Center for art, nature, and science. Tranekaer Castle and its village are the natural focal point for Langeland, the slender and beautiful Danish island. And in the varied landscape lies the 60 acres castle park as the culmination of everything the island has to offer. The old and distinctive trees, lawns, meadow, and lake reside in the midst of fertile plough land. In former times the counts of Tranekaer created interaction between the man-made and the organic by planting and shaping the landscape.

Today the owner has passed the initiative on to a small group of people who are deeply engaged in art and nature. This has resulted in the establishment of Tranekaer International Art and Nature center It is not an institution in the usual sense, but a project that with support from foundations invites artists to work at Langeland. With a common passion for regarding nature as the animating force as their starting point, these artists have integrated their work with the surroundings. For some, the interposition is so conceptual that only a photograph bears witness to it; others work in wood; some build with natural materials that will grow or pass away, and still others use bones, stone, words, or the whispering of wind. Land Art, or natural art, has changed since the concept was formed in the early 1960s. For many the diologue with nature's eternal cycle is of greater importance than subjective gains The artists from near and far who have worked with TICKON have demonstrated by their residence and daily work in the park that a world-embracing solidarity exists where nature is concerned. They observe, listen, experience, and pass their perception on to us.

Among others, Andy Goldsworthy, Alan Sonfist, David Nash, Herman de Vries, Nils-Udo, Hermann Prigann, Marc Barbarit & Gilles Bruni, Guiliano Mauri, and Patrick Dougherty are represented at TICKON.

Open every day sunrise to sunset.
Directions: call +45 62 51 35 05
Free parking.
No guided tours.
Illustrated folder with map of the TIKON park available.
Fee: DKK20.
Hotel, Restaurants, summer-café, and restrooms.

Giuliano Mauri

David Nash

Herman de Vries

Alan Sonfist

Steven Siegel

Jussi Heikkila

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