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Jan/Feb 2000 Vol. 19 No.1
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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On the Cover

Alison Wilding, Ambit, 1996–1999. 24 stainless steel cylinders and lights, view of public artwork in the River Wear, Sunderland, England. Photograph by Mark Pinder.


Making Visible: On Alison Wilding
The mute radiance of Ambit, Alison Wilding’s first large public sculpture, distills and clarifies the mystery and drama of her work as a whole.
by Ian Tromp

Interior Passages: a Conversation with Jon Isherwood
Jon Isherwood has been working with stone since the early 1990s, developing a personalized expression with contemporary relevance.
by Sarah Tanguy

Constructivism: The Penetration of Nature’s Structure
One 20th-century art movement stands out as an example of high-minded artistic ambition and distinctive method and style: Constructivism.
by Mark Daniel Cohen

Biomorphs: Organic Abstraction and the Mechanics of Life
The first of a series on the relationship of the life sciences to innovations in sculpture examines the influence of morphology, the science of living form, on abstraction.
by Stephen Luecking


Focus: Dennis Leon by Donna Schumacher
Focus: Bill Lundberg by Nancy Bless
Focus: Steve DeGroodt by Kathleen Whitney


Kansas City: Kathryn Spance and Kendall Buster
Los Angeles: Martin Kersels
Los Angeles: Cecilia Miguez
Boise: Brad Rude
New York: Catherine Lee
New York: Laura Anderson Barbata
Santa Fe: SITE Santa Fe “Looking for a Place”
Millersville, PA: Thomas McGovern
Providence: Barnaby Evans
London: Jane and Louise Wilson
Paris: “Les Champs de la Sculpture 2000”
Paris: Nunzio
Dispatch: Istanbul Biennial
Dispatch: Participatory Works: Viewers as Co-Creators
Dispatch: The Third Changchun International Sculpture Symposium

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