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April 2001 - Vol.20 No.3

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The Language of Stuff: An Interview with Richard Wentworth
Through joining, inserting, and pairing, Wentworth reroutes the meaning of objects.
by Stuart Horodner

Memories in the Material: An Interview with Patricia McKenna
McKenna’s sculptures and site installations create moods of quiet unease.
by Melinda Barlow

Rethinking Judd
Judd was interested in a uniquely American art, an art free from illusionism.
by Robert C. Morgan

Socrates Sculpture Park: A Blend of Art and Community
Socrates is a unique place for young artists to build and show their sculpture.
by Jonathan Goodman

Local Internationalism:An Interview with Tom Finkelpearl
Finkelpearl shares his experience in local, global, and public art arenas.
by Carolee Thea



Site: The Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation by Laura Tansini

Focus: Jacqueline Pennell by Robert Preece

Focus: Otto Rigan by Anne Barclay Morgan


ISC News and Announcements


New York: Tony Cragg

Newport Beach, CA: Tony DeLap

Irvine, CA: Jason Rogenes

Atlanta: John Garrett

Atlanta: Jae Ko

Duxbury, MA: “Unique Seats”

Bronx, NY: “Environmentally Concerned 2”

New York: Jorge Pardo

New York: Don Porcaro

New York: Susanna Harwood Rubin

New York: Sarah Sze

Utica, NY: “Urban Identity/Personal Architecture”

Memphis, TN: Thomas Ostenberg

Montreal: Jean-Pierre Gauthier

London: “Dopplarity”

Paris: “Picasso sculpteur”

Palermo: Christian Boltanski

Dispatch: San Antonio

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