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January/February 2001 - Vol.20 No.1

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Louise Bourgeois: Turning Myths Inside Out
Gargantuan works at the Tate Modern expand Bourgeois’s sculptural terrain.
by Jan Garden Castro

Open To All Inspirations: An Interview with Willie Cole
Cole transforms ordinary objects into sculpture with profound metaphorical resonance.
by Sherry Gaché

The Wanås Foundation: Patronage and Partnership
An unorthodox Swedish program fosters experimentation in outdoor sculpture.
by Gregory Volk

The Subconscious of Civilization: An Interview with Liliana Porter
This Argentine artist stages fables from the subconscious of contemporary culture.
by Pablo Baler



Focus: Robert Lobe by Margaret Sheffield

Focus: Ken Butler by Judith Page

Site: The Center of Polish Sculpture in Oro´nsko, Poland by Joanna Christian


ISC News and Announcements


Philadelphia: George Segal

San Francisco: horea

Los Angeles: Gabriel Orozco

Washington, DC: “Remembering the Present”

Washington, DC: Claudia Matzko

Lincoln, MA: The 2000 DeCordova Annual Exhibition

St. Louis: “Wonderland”

New York: Chris Gianakos

New York: Michel Gerard

New York: Franco Mondini-Ruiz

New York: Pipilotti Rist

New York: Carol Ross

New York: Do-Ho Suh

New York: Jim Toia

Richmond: “Vanitas”

Seattle: Sheila Klein

Dublin: Corban Walker

Budapest: “Art—Herald of the New Millennium”

Monaco: American Contemporary Sculpture

Singapore: Kim Lim

Dispatch: Construction in Process VII

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