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July/August 2001 - Vol.20 No.6

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The Enigma of Henry Moore
Moore’s ultimate goal was the combination of emotion and great truths or themes.
by Brian McAvera

Ephemerality of the Moment: A Conversation with Margo Sawyer
Her work has both systematic logic and the spontaneity of momentary decisions.
by Kate Bonansinga

New Directions in Non-Objective Sculpture
The finest non-objective art always embodies something beyond geometric structure.
by Collette Chattopadhay

The Atelier Revisited
Over the past decade, some sculptors have expanded the notion of the atelier.
by Virginia Maksymowicz

Site/Work/S: A Public Forum
A project in Houston raises questions of memory, history, development, and the public.




Focus: Larry Bell by Ileana Marcoulesco

Focus: Giuseppe Gabellone by Andrea Bellini

Focus: Mike Baur by Victor M. Cassidy


Postscript: ISC News


Billings, MT: Tracy Linder

Long Beach, CA: Tania Mouraud

Pomona, CA: Nina Jun

San Francisco: Ulrike Palmbach

San Francisco: “The World on Its Head: Contemporary Belgian Art”

Santa Monica: Nancy Sansom Reynolds

Washington, DC: “F2F: New Media Art from Finland”

Boston: “From a Distance Approaching Landscape”

Baltimore: Barbara Chase-Riboud

Kalamazoo, MI: Truman Lowe

New York: Judy Moonelis

New York: Marjetica PotrŠc

Philadelphia: “Old World/New World: Common Ground”

Sheboygan, WI: Annabeth Rosen

Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada: Dennis Gill

Reykjavík, Iceland: Robert Dell

Copenhagen: William Anastasi

London: Mona Hatoum

Antwerp, Belgium: Wim Delvoye

France: James Turrell


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