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March 2001 - Vol.20 No.2

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Regina Frank: Nurturing a Sculptural Encounter
Frank’s installations document the relation between virtual and real experience.
by Cathy Byrd

High, Low, and In-Between
Like their “low art” contemporaries, “high art” sculptors find paper a versatile medium.
by Virginia Maksymowicz

Steve Tobin: The Event Itself is the Only Truth
Tobin highlights the unseen, ignored, or undervalued forces that drive and shape nature.
by William Warmus

Peter Voulkos: Clay, Space, and Time
The “liabilities” of clay as a medium are the central themes in Voulkos’s sculpture.
by Collette Chattopadhyay

The First Lady’s Sculpture Garden at the White House: An Update
The final two exhibitions of this series form a tribute to America’s sculptors.



Focus: Wopo Holup by Anne Barclay Morgan

Site: Museum of Installation, London by Robert Preece

Focus: Giuseppe Penone by Margaret Sheffield


ISC News and Announcements


London: Anish Kapoor

Atlanta: Robin Bernat

Atlanta: “The Truth About Beauty”

Chicago: Tom Aprile

Chicago: Frances Whitehead

Chicago: Anne Wilson

Cambridge, MA: Luca Buvoli

Minneapolis: “An Acre of Art”

Clinton, NJ: “sci + ART + tech” “Electrus: Millennial Synergy”

New York: “Elements 2000”

New York: Andy Goldsworthy

New York: Robert Taplin

Chapel Hill, NC: “Illuminations”

Jenkintown, PA: Mitch Messina

Seattle: Tony Oursler

Stekkjargia, Iceland: “The Seven Virtues in Ancient and Modern Times”

London: “Intelligence”

London: “Between Cinema and a Hard Place”

Plasy, Czech Republic: “Fairy-Tales”

Dispatch: Cimes et Racines Art and Nature Symposium

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