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September 2001 - Vol.20 No.7

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Seeing Rainbows Among the Ruins: Peter Erskine’s “New Light on Rome”
Erskine reconfigures the experience of public space and draws attention to the sun.
by John R. Clarke

Finding Common Ground: Art and Planning
A forum on public art, communities, development, planning, and reclamation.

Brainstorms: The Public Art of Ralph Helmick and Stuart Schechter
A marriage of art and technology creates a dialogue of the one and the many.
by Nick Capasso

Liberating Form: Barbara Hepworth’s United Nations Memorial
Hepworth’s most significant public commission challenged prior concepts of sculpture.
by Emma E. Roberts

Sculptural Diplomacy
Friends of Art and Preservation in U.S. Embassies sponsors a new sculpture project.




Focus: Thomas Sayre by Raphaela Platow

Dialogue: Arlene Slavin by Carolee Thea

Site: Toronto Sculpture Garden by Gil McElroy


Postscript: ISC News


Los Angeles: Fletcher Benton

Newport Beach, CA: Howard Ben Tré

Berkeley: Antonio Muntadas

Stamford, CT: Steve Gerberich

Chicago: Gary Justis

Lincoln, MA: “Content: Glass Invitational”

Kansas City, MO: Stretch

Raleigh, NC: “Memories of Nature”

New York: Alexandra Athanassiades

New York: Chakaia Booker

New York: Joyce Kozloff

New York: Barry LeVa, Fred Sandback, Richard Nonas

New York: Paul McCarthy

New York: Panamarenko

New York: Katy Schimert

New York: Jessica Stockholder

New York: Jude Tallichet

Pittsburgh: Adrian Piper

Montreal: Kathryn Lipke

Reykjavik, Iceland: Coastline 2000

Turin: “Arte Povera”

Venice: “The Etruscans”

Dispatch: The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, Australia

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