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June 2002 Vol.21 No.5
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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Controlled Passion: A Conversation with Petah Coyne
Coyne’s installations investigate Catholicism, eroticism, and the longing for perfection.
by Jan Garden Castro

Sol LeWitt: Systemic Art Made Visual
These works demonstrate that the mind and the body do not have to be separated.
by Robert C. Morgan

Making Oxymorons Happen: A Conversation with Liz Larner
In the interplay of color and form, Larner creates a new three-dimensional geometry.
by Collette Chattopadhyay

Staging the Istanbul Biennial
International biennials like Istanbul have become a major forum for cultural dialogue.
by Carolee Thea

The 2002 ISC Figurative Collection


Forum: Changing Models for Public Art by Susan Platt
Letters to the Editor
Focus: Helene Brandt by Deborah Everett
Dialogue: Brett Murray by Paul Edmunds
Focus: Martin Emanuel by Amre Klimchak
Postscript: ISC News


Tokyo: Kan Yasuda
Los Angeles: Los Carpinteros
Los Angeles: Melissa Kretschmer
San Francisco: Peter Beeman
Middleton, CT: Laurence Hegarty
Atlanta: Benita Carr and Beth Pritchard
Santa Fe: Thomas Ashcraft
Pittsburgh: “Visual Sound”
Providence: Jonathan Bonner
Sewanee: Greg Pond
Huntington, VT: “Site Ecology”
Bregenz, Austria: Douglas Gordon
London: Lili Fischer
Basel: Daniel Spoerri

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