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November 2002 Vol.21 No.9
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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Into the Light: A Conversation with James Turrell
Turrell’s light sculptures induce introspection and foreground the process of viewing.
by Elaine A. King

The Art of Happenstance: The Performative Sculptures Of James Lee Byars
In Byars’s performative sculpture, nothing and everything happens by chance.
by Klaus Ottman

Exposed: A Conversation with Tracey Emin
Her recent works, like Self-Portrait are sculptural objects built on simple metaphors.
by Robert Preece

Interior/Exterior Vision: A Conversation with Howard Ben Tré
Ben Tré discusses moving his work from the privacy of the studio to the public realm.
by L.P. Streitfeld

Forum: Pier Walk by Victor M. Cassidy
Focus: Shayne Dark by Gil McElroy
Dialogue: Linda Horn by Victor M. Cassidy
Focus: Anna Skibska by Matthew Kangas
Postscript: ISC News


New York: Lee Tribe
Ruth Asawa
Washington, DC:
Xu Bing
David E. Davis
Dan Walsh and Scott Silvey
Jack Dollhausen
Todd Slaughter
Newton, MA:
Julia Shepley
Royal Oak, MI:
Curtis Arima
Springfield, MO:
Lee Littlefield
New York:
Vincent Peraro
New York:
Marjetica Potrc and Monica Bonvicini
New York:
Rachel Whiteread
Philadelphia: B
arnett Newman
San Antonio:
“Big Head: Ceramic Sculpture on a Heroic Scale”
Gwangju, Korea:
Gwangju Biennial

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