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December 2003 Vol.22 No.10
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Chairman

I am pleased to report that our recent Cincinnati Gala was the most successful in the ISC’s history. We thank Board member Melody Sawyer Richardson for the hard work and long hours that are needed to make such an event a smashing success.

The highlights of the evening were award presentations to patrons Georgia and David K. Welles and to our outstanding educator and dear friend Pat Renick. In both instances, these are individuals who have spent a lifetime supporting and growing the field of sculpture. Once again we say “Bravo” and thanks for all that you do!

The following day, your Board met once again to look at our organizational priorities. We confirmed the following as the ISC’s priorities to serve the membership and the field:

  • News on sculpture
  • Recognition of events and achievements in the field
  • Exposure for sculpture and sculptors
  • Relationship-building among sculptors
  • Technical information
  • Information on professional business practices
  • Career opportunities
  • Historical/critical context
  • Advocacy for sculptors and sculpture

We have reinvigorated the Board committee system. Issues are debated and recommendations made to the Executive Committee and/or to the full Board for change or confirmation. Our commitment to conferences, both small and major, was strongly confirmed. We will explore various ways to listen to our members—to be in touch with what you want the ISC to be. We confirmed our commitment to regular Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Educator, and Patron awards. We established the following calendar:

  • April 8, 2004: Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award to Christo and Jeanne-Claude, New York
  • Fall 2004: Symposium in New Orleans
  • 2005: International Sculpture Conference (site to be determined)
  • 2006: Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the ISC’s Lifetime Achievement Award; 2 Symposia (sites to be determined)
  • 2007: International Sculpture Conference, Seattle

The search for a new executive director continues at a steady but measured pace. Discussions with the Board resulted in a sharper focus of the skill set necessary to lead the ISC. The entire Board is appreciative of our very fine staff who continue to work hard to provide the membership with the services that you expect.

Robert Duncan
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

ISC Seeks New Executive Director

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