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July/August 2003 Vol.22 No.6
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Editor

The summer issue of Sculpture offers an international mix of artists, arts institutions, and sculptural strategies. Four interviews give a glimpse of the strength and breadth of the current sculpture of Britain, from Phillip King (President of the Royal Academy) and Peter Randall-Page (whose current show was organized by the Royal Society of British Sculptors and London’s Natural History Museum) to Ron Mueck (who was recently a resident Associate Artist at London’s National Gallery) and Jake and Dinos Chapman (whose most recent work was shown this spring at Modern Art Oxford). The works of these artists range from geometric to organic abstraction and from realistic to fantastic figuration. The issue also includes a recognition of the recently deceased Lynn Chadwick, whose abstracted, geometricized figures were an important contribution to 20th-century English sculpture. In addition: a guide to sculpture galleries in Paris, a visit to a new arts center in Brussels, and reviews from Canada, Germany, France, Canada, and 10 cities across the United States, from Vermont to Texas and Massachusetts to Louisiana.

~ Glenn Harper

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