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May 2003 Vol.22 No.4
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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On the Cover
Liza Lou, Trailer (detail), 1999–2000. Mixed media, and beads, 144 x 96 x 240 in.
Photo: Courtesy Deitch Projects.

From the Editor

"The articles and interviews in this issue of Sculpture explore the context of sculpture, or perhaps sculpture as context. [more ...]"
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American History Is Not What it Appears to Be: A Conversation with Liza Lou
Liza Lou probes the way our culture conceals its dullness and dangers in packaging.
by Jan Garden Castro

Shifts in Meaning: A Conversation with Fred Wilson
Wilson’s installations pose questions about the motivations of cultural institutions.
by Jane Ingram Allen

Ann Hamilton’s lignum in Context(s)
At Wanås, the threads of Hamilton’s earlier works come together in a single tapestry.
by Judith Hoos Fox

Jim Toia: Metamorphosis
Toia’s works are marked by a desire to understand nature’s symbiotic relationships.
by Carol Rosen

The Intimate and the Communal: Costantino Nivola
Nivola wove together contradictory private and public trends in his mature sculpture.
by Fred Licht


Forum: Art, Environment, and Politics by Terri Cohn
Dialogue: Igor Mitoraj by Laura Tansini
Site: Toronto’s Sheppard Subway Line by John Grande
Focus: Doreen Southwood by Paul Edmunds
Postscript: ISC News


New York: Daniel Rothbart
Chicago: Juan Logan
Chicago: “My Reality”
Amherst: Nora Valdez
Boston: “Spirits in the Trees”
New York: Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh
Philadelphia: Leonardo Drew
Philadelphia: “LandEscapes”
Paris: Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain
Vienna: Richard Jackson
Venice: “next”
Venice: “Thinking Big”
Dispatch: Recent Installations in China: Jian-Jun Zhang and Barbara Edelstein

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