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May 2003 Vol.22 No.4
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Editor

"The articles and interviews in this issue of Sculpture explore the context of sculpture, or perhaps sculpture as context. Installation art above all creates an environment for the viewer, a space activated by the artist. Liza Lou’s beaded works present a phantasmagoric transformation of the everyday world. Fred Wilson demonstrates the underlying strategies and biases of cultural institutions, forcing us to pay attention to what is presented as cultural artifact and how it is presented. Ann Hamilton’s installations are overwhelming sensory experiences, plumbing the history and the tangible reality of the sites in which she works. Jim Toia, seeking an organic sculptural form, focuses our attention on natural phenomena and materials. Costantino Nivola, on the other hand, uses the most elemental forms of sculpture, carving stone and modeling terra cotta, rather than the strategies of installation art, to draw the viewer into an intimate confrontation with his monumental or private works. Also in this issue: articles and reviews on artists from Canada, South Africa, Italy, France, Israel, Austria, China, and the United States."  

Glenn Harper

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