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November 2003 Vol.22 No.9
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Chairman

I have been traveling recently and want to share with you some of the exciting experiences that I have had with my favorite avocation—sculpture. In late August, Acting Executive Director Mary Catherine Johnson and I visited Seattle. We were joined by two of our West Coast directors, Michael Johnson and Bryan Ohno, for a spectacular day of art. First we saw the location and plans for the Seattle Art Museum’s new sculpture park, slated to open in 2006. They have a great piece of land right on the water. The International Sculpture Center has committed to hold a major conference in Seattle to celebrate the new park and to place a conference closer to our many West Coast members.

Another highlight of the day was a reception hosted by the Bryan Ohno Gallery for local ISC members. More than 50 people attended. We explained what was happening with the ISC, talked about the Seattle conference, and fielded questions from participants. Everyone had a great time. We came away with a list of willing volunteers and left our Seattle members with a warm feeling about the ISC.

We also took time to visit one of the Northwest’s premiere private collections and to tour the studio of a world-famous glass artist. It is so much fun to see wonderful collections and meet the very interesting people who have put them together. I am very impressed with the entire Seattle arts scene and cannot wait to return.

Just last weekend, my wife and I visited Dia:Beacon—WOW! The Dia Foundation recently opened a new museum in an old factory right on the Hudson, about an hour-and-a-half north of New York City. It is a huge, open, well-lit space. They have first-rate sculpture displayed in a most pleasing surrounding. Once again, I cannot wait to return and would urge you to plan a visit soon. We also managed to squeeze in two studio visits, as well as trips to several galleries.

My conclusion is that art in general, and sculpture in particular, is alive and well. The weak economy has certainly had a chilling effect on many artists however I have talked to many others who are busy and optimistic about the future, and I very much agree. I urge you to check out what’s happening through this magazine, through our Web site, and by getting out and about to look at art and meet artists—it’s good for one’s soul.

Robert Duncan
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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