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October 2003 Vol.22 No. 8
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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On the Cover

On the Cover: Steven Siegel, Like a hive, like an egg?, 2002.
Wood and paper, 23 x 12 x 10 ft. View of work installed at Arte Sella, Italy.

From the Chairman

Many great and exciting things are happening at the ISC."[more ...]"

From the Editor

As art schools and university sculpture departments gear up for a new year, Sculpture this month emphasizes sculpture education."[more ...]"


Wandering Through Time: The Sculpture of Steven Siegel
Siegel’s accumulations convey imminent vulnerability and dissonant beauty.
by Patricia C. Phillips

No Time for Second Thoughts: A Conversation with Patricia A. Renick
The ISC’s 2003 Outstanding Sculpture Educator on her work as sculptor and teacher.
by Laura H. Chapman

Biennial Delirium: A Critic in Venice Amid Dreams and Conflicts
The Biennale di Venezia raises questions about the role of art in a media-driven society.
by Robert C. Morgan

Opening the Door: A Conversation with Georgia and David K. Welles
The recipients of the ISC 2003 Patron Recognition Award on art and collecting.
by Sally Vallongo

The International Sculpture Center 2003 Outstanding Student
Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards


Forum: Boston Sculptors by Marty Carlock
Focus: Heather McGill by Gerry Craig
Site: University of Minnesota Public Art on Campus Program by Deborah Karasov
Dialogue: Marialuisa Tadei by Andrea Bellini
Postscript: ISC News


Cincinnati: Zaha Hadid
San Francisco: Rainey Strauss
Shelton, CT: Robert Meyer
Birmingham, MI: Richard Nonas and Michael Hall
Barrie, ON, Canada: John McEwen
Vancouver, BC, Canada: Liz Magor
Budapest: Attila Mata
Tokyo: Noriaki Maeda

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