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September 2003 Vol.22 No.7
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Chairman

Change is underway at your organization, the International Sculpture Center. The weak economy and the poor stock market have resulted in diminished financial support for the ISC, just as they have for most nonprofits. Your Board of Directors has chosen to take positive action. We are reducing our expenses to match our revenue while at the same time retaining the basic services that you have come to expect. Sculpture, our beautiful, award-winning magazine, will remain untouched. Our award-winning and comprehensive Web site will continue to develop. The new Sculpture Community feature, for instance, has created a popular forum for the sharing of new ideas from our members. Our membership drive, which is already achieving positive results, will continue, and Sculpture Circle, an e-mail-based news source for sculptors, will continue to add new participants. Portfolio, an important Web-based membership benefit, will continue with new criteria for data submission. We have assembled a fabulous works-on- paper collection featuring works by top sculptors. We sell these collections at a deeply discounted price and all the revenues directly benefit the ISC.

We will put a few things on hold. Our educational initiative with an area high school will be contracted out. We will not schedule a conference in 2004, and our two awards events for 2004 will be consolidated into one. Your Board views this as a time to assess what you want in member services and to evaluate new and more efficient ways of delivering those services. It is an exciting challenge that we accept with enthusiasm. We will be a stronger, more vibrant organization as a result.

We need your support! If you have a subscription to Sculpture Magazine please consider upgrading to a full membership. The cost is very reasonable, yet it makes a big difference to the ISC. If you are now a member, recruit one or two new members. This organization has a three-decade history of supporting sculptors and sculpture, and we in turn rely on your support; any and all contributions, however small, are welcome and needed. I invite you to e-mail me with your thoughts and ideas: send your messages to

These are challenging and exciting times. We are committed to accepting the challenge, and together we will deliver an even better and more vital ISC. Thank you for all you have done in the past, and please do just a bit more in the future.

Robert Duncan
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

ISC Seeks New Executive Director

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