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September 2003 Vol.22 No.7
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Editor

The sculptors profiled in this issue of Sculpture look toward influences that range from ancient cultures to the most futuristic elements of our contemporary world. Both Sook Jin Jo and Ming Fay, in very different ways, look toward China, which boasts the most ancient continuous tradition on earth. Montien Boonma examined the contemporary relevance of Buddhism, a tradition born in India but reaching the artist through his own Thai culture. Beverly Pepper combines influences from classical Europe, from ancient Cambodia, and from recent history. Pedro Cabrita Reis examines some of the most primitive yet contemporary impulses of the human condition—to build and to dwell. And Rona Pondick looks at the human race itself, in relation to (and combination with) the whole of the animal kingdom. These and other artists covered in this issue demonstrate both the range and the depth of contemporary art, in the reach of their thinking and the scope of their sculptural work. This range and power is demonstrated in work ranging from Joan Miró to Mowry Baden, from Houston to Peru, and from earthworks to snow sculpture.

~ Glenn Harper

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