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September 2003 Vol.22 No. 7
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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Web Special

A Difference in Kind: Spontaneous Memorials after 9/11
by Harriet F. Senie

On the Cover

On the Cover: Sook Jin Jo, "Cathedral: Korean Ex-Votos," 2002.
Approximately 500 wooden objects from Korea and oil paint, 13 x 10 x 28 ft.

From the Chairman

Change is underway at your organization, the International Sculpture Center. "[more ...]"

From the Editor

"The sculptors profiled in this issue of Sculpture look toward influences that range from ancient cultures to the most futuristic elements of our contemporary world."[more ...]"


The Spokes of the Wheel: Sook Jin Jo
Her work is an active engagement with sculpture as a shelter nourishing body and soul.
by Robert C. Morgan

Rona Pondick’s Monsters of Fear and Desire
Her creations are monsters in the original sense of monstrum, an omen or dire warning.
by George Fifield

Sentinels Through Time: Beverly Pepper’s “Markers”
Pepper’s “Markers” and “Sentinels” strive toward emotion, renewal, and history.
by Patricia M. Summers

A Decorative Reading of Nature: Ming Fay
His sculpture’s decorative beauty and transcendent imagery re-works natural forms.
by Jonathan Goodman

Serene Disturbance: A Conversation with Pedro Cabrita Reis
These fragmentary structures examine dwelling, homelessness, beauty, and fear.
by Michael Stoeber


Forum: Odyssey in the Okanagan by Jon Barlow Hudson
Focus: Montien Boonma by Jonathan Goodman
Dialogue: Patricia Villalobos by Alastair Noble and Kathy Bruce
Focus: Mowry Baden by Matthew Kangas
Postscript: ISC News


Philadelphia: Bill Walton
Washington, DC: “Built by Hand”
St. Petersburg, FL: Joan Miró
Chicago: Jason C. Meyer
Boston: Chris Nau and Nancy Murphy Spicer
Detroit: Brian Nelson
New York: Vincent Barré
New York: Richard Klein
Austin, TX: Jill Bedgood and Beverly Penn
Houston: Ed Wilson
Vancouver, Canada: Jack Jeffrey
Kemi and Rovaniemi, Finland: “The Snow Show”
Cologne: “Köln Skulptur 3”
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