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December 2004 Vol.23 No.10
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Chairman

The Spiral Jetty Weekend, sponsored by the ISC and the Salt Lake Art Center, was an exciting event. While the ISC has been doing conferences and awards programs for many years, this represents a new and very positive direction. It was remarkable for many reasons.

  • This was purely an “art” event with a single focus and no other agenda.

  • Spiral Jetty is unique. It was created almost 35 years ago, only to be covered by water. Since it re-emerged just recently, few art lovers have had the opportunity to experience it firsthand.

  • Smithson created the Jetty where it is because of the remarkable backdrop created by the Great Salt Lake. That environment changes daily. Our day was marked by a strong wind, which enabled us to “walk on water,” as blocks of salt foam tumbled across the landscape.

  • The collaboration with the Salt Lake Art Center set a standard for what we hope will be many future partnerships and events at sites around the country and even the world.

I would like to include a portion of a “thank you” note written by ISC Vice Chairman and Salt Lake Art Center Board member Josh Kanter to the more than 100 attendees. This event was Josh’s brainchild, and he deserves our thanks.

Has the smell of the salt air and the visual magnificence of Spiral Jetty drifted out of your mind yet? I doubt it! On behalf of the Salt Lake Art Center and the International Sculpture Center, I would like to thank you for participating in the recent Spiral Jetty Weekend. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed yourself—the feedback that we have received thus far has been exceptionally positive.

As you may know, I sit on the Boards of both of the SLAC and the ISC. About a year ago, a few of us brainstormed the idea of bringing these two organizations together to organize an event in celebration of Spiral Jetty’s re-emergence. That idea flourished, led to a terrific cover story in Sculpture magazine, and culminated in a terrific and well-attended event. Due to changing weather conditions, it turns out that the Friday and Saturday tours had completely different—though equally moving and enjoyable—experiences. If you get the opportunity, I encourage you to visit Spiral Jetty again. You are unlikely to have the same experience twice.

The SLAC and the ISC are meaningful organizations run and supported by dedicated individuals. Like all arts organizations, they both face a constant struggle to finance their next worthwhile program. If you are not a current member or supporter of either organization, I encourage you to join us. Membership to the ISC is $95 per year and includes a subscription to the award-winning Sculpture magazine, along with many other benefits. Membership to the SLAC is $10 per year and helps to insure free access to any and all. Of course unrestricted contributions above a basic membership are always welcome and ultimately serve as the lifeblood of arts organizations such as these. Please consider some form of support of the SLAC and the ISC.”

I hope that you will all follow Josh’s advice and continue your support for the ISC, so that we can support sculpture. And if you have any ideas for future ISC on-site adventures, please let us know. E-mail

Robert Duncan
Chairman, ISC Board of Directors

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