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January 2005 Vol.24 No.1
A publication of the International Sculpture Center

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From the Chairman

Two of the features in this month’s Sculpture focus on artists who, among other things, mine the everyday world for their materials and their themes. Jac Leirner uses mass-market stickers, cigarette packs, business cards, and the like to create installations that embody the mundate reality in which we live. But her works are not simply sculptural Pop; instead, they speak of art history, economics, and patience. The Art Guys also quote popular culture and the routines of daily life back to us, but in a more satirical vein. Their works, especially their recent public art projects, demonstrate a formal abstraction that anchors their cultural critique. Una Walker’s aim is quite different. Her simultaneously personal and political installations make our own cultures (macro and micro) visible to us. Tony Oursler’s works, on the other hand, literally speak to us, enacting Beckett-like dramas at the eerie edge of everyday reality. And Emilie Brzezinski’s sculpture re-presents to us the Other of our culture in her monuments of and to trees, works that provoke a visceral and haptic response. All of these artists create powerful works that demonstrate the vitality of sculpture today.

~ Glenn Harper

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