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January/February 04 Vol.23 No. 1
A publication of the International Sculpture Center


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On the Cover

Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Music of the Spheres, 2003.
Stone, carnelian, jade, mortar, and steel, 10 x 40 x 40 ft.
Photo: Jarvis Grant.

From the Chairman

Your Board of Directors also met in Cincinnati, and we accomplished a great deal...We confirmed that the mission, goals, and objectives that we adopted two years ago..."[more ...]"

From the Editor

One of the new features of the ISC’s Web site <> is a list of “Books on Sculpture,” which we will be adding to monthly. ."[more ...]"


Martha Jackson-Jarvis: The Process of Discovery
by Curtia James

A Question of Perspective: Sculpture by Charles Ginnever
by Bruce Nixon

Materialized Expression: The Sculpture of Liam Gillick
by Alicia Miller

Playing with Fire: Armand Vaillancourt
by John Grande

Celebrating Recent Retrospectives


Forum: Australia’s Sculpture Prizes by Ken Scarlett
Focus: Willie Bester by Paul Edmunds
Dialogue: Waltercio Caldas by Collette Chattopadhyay
Focus: Michael Croissant by Josephine Gabler
Postscript: ISC News


New York: Jaume Plensa
Los Angeles: Yukata Sone
Los Angeles: Tomoko Takahashi
San Francisco: Lucy Puls
Wilmington, DE: Lynden Cline and Michael Miller
Sarasota: Raymond Saá
New York: “One Hand Clapping”
New York: “Up in Arms”
Portland, OR: William Pope.L
Pittsburgh: “Artists Crossing Lines”
Bad Homburg, Germany: “Blickachsen IV”

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